Your Boat's Full Potential: Top 8 Upgrades for Your Wakeboard Boat

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Top 8 Upgrades for Your Wakeboard Boat

If you live in an area where winter is a bit, err...weathery, it may feel like a stretch to start thinking of boat upgrades right now. But who wants to spend glorious early spring days working on your boat instead of enjoying your boat? Not I. Nor do you. There are numerous options available to improve the performance, comfort, and overall enjoyment of your boat. From adding ballast systems and towers to upgrading the stereo and lighting, there are many ways to unleash your boat's potential. In this article, we will explore the various upgrades you can make to your wakeboard boat, and importantly, how to do them. 

1. Ballast System Upgrades

The size and shape of your boat's wake are important factors in determining how much fun you're going to have riding on a wakesurf board, hyrdrofoil or wakeboard. Adding weight to the boat through a ballast system can greatly improve the size and shape of the wake. Note that while you can add weight anywhere on your boat to increase the size of the wave, the shape of the wave is completely dependent upon where you put weight in your boat. In general, you'll want to evenly distribute weight for wakeboarding. Whereas with wakesurfing, you'll need boat at the back corner of the boat (unless you have a wakeshaping device - - more on that later).  

There are different types of ballast systems, such as your stock hard tank system that came with your boat, plug-and-play systems that add to your existing setup, and tailored ballast systems that can range in fit from a universal bag to a bag that's perfectly designed for your boat's exact dimensions. Installing a ballast system is a fairly easy upgrade that can significantly enhance your on-the-water experience. Want to see us do it? Check it out: 


2. Tower Upgrades

Installing a boat tower has numerous benefits that can greatly enhance your experience on the water. First of all, they just look cool. A boat tower can greatly improve the overall look of your boat, giving it a sleek and modern appearance. A boat tower provides a stable platform for attaching speakers, lights, and other accessories, making it easier to customize your boat to how you're going to use it.

One of the most convenient add-ons for your tower is the board rack. Save that precious floor and compartment space by mounting a wakesurf/wakeboard or water ski rack, which also helps keep your gear safe from getting knocked around. Furthermore, boat towers can also serve as a support for a bimini top, which provides shade and protection from the sun, making your boat more comfortable for everyone on board. Here we show you how we installed the Roswell Tower on our Project Boat:



3. Stereo System Upgrades

Upgrading your boat's stereo system can greatly enhance your experience on the water. A good sound system will provide clear sound and good volume, which will make your ride more enjoyable. One of our favorite upgrades is adding tower speakers to a boat tower so the wakesurfer or wakeboarder also gets a great sound experience. 

4. Propeller Upgrades

Replacing your boat's propeller with a newer, high-performance model can improve the boat's speed and handling. This upgrade can greatly enhance your wakeboarding or wakesurfing experience and help you get the most out of your boat. When choosing a new propeller, it is important to consider the size and weight of your boat, especially if you've just done a ballast upgrade, and the type of riding you will be doing. Another often overlooked consideration is choosing a prop for your elevation. If you live and ride in a higher altitude, it takes more time to plane out, so you'll need the right prop to do the job. 



5. LED Light Upgrades

Mood lighting FTW. Adding LED lights to your wakeboard boat can greatly enhance its overall look and make nighttime riding more enjoyable. LED lights are inexpensive and available in different colors, sizes, and styles, making it easy to find a style that suits your boat and your personal preferences. Installing LED lights is one of those easy upgrades you can do in a weekend.

6. Seating Upgrades

Replacing your boat's old and worn-out seating with new, comfortable seats can greatly improve the boat's overall comfort level. There are different types of boat seating available, including flip-up seating, bench seating, and bucket seating. New upholstery is a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your boat.

7. Wakesurf Device Upgrades

Surf devices allow your boat to be weighted with equal amounts of weight on either side. The boat sits level in the water, making the boat easier to drive, more enjoyable for passengers, and you can use your full ballast system.

A wakesurf device makes switching the wake from one side of the boat to the other quick and easy. The surf wave is more consistent, and not as dependent upon the number of people in the boat, or where they are positioned. While we love wakesurf devices, we especially enjoy the convenience of Go Surf Assist. Check out the install:


8. Graphic Upgrades

Let's face it, between outdated designs and UV-damaged color, sometimes you just need a fresh wrap on your boat. Updating your boat's graphics can give it a fresh new look and make it stand out on the water. There are different types of boat graphics available, including custom graphics and pre-made graphics. We recommend a clean look for a timeless upgrade.

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