Bag & Pump Combo Packages

If you are just getting started adding ballast to your boat or simply want a quick, simple ballast solution that is ready to go straight out of the box, one of our ballast bag + pump combos is a great option. All combos include the bag(s), the compatible portable pump, and all necessary fittings. Simply take it out of the box, put it in the boat, and you are ready to reap the benefits of your new ballast setup.

WakeMAKERS is the industry ballast leader and has the largest selection of Eight.3, Fly High FATSAC, and Straight Line ballast bag + pump combos. Our team of ballast experts have carefully built out these combos so that there is the right solution for every boater out there.

Not sure which bag + pump combo is the best option for your boat and budget? Our team of ballast experts here at WakeMAKERS take your fun seriously and are ready to help you get started. Give us a call at 888-338-6085 or send an email to

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