Wakeboard Ballast

Everything you need to experience the perfect wake!

Only a few letters distinguish the word ballast from the word blast, which is appropriate - when it comes to having a blast on the water, ballast can level up your wakeboarding and watersports experience. Boat ballast makes the craft sit lower in the water so the hull displaces more water, providing riders with a powerful wake. The right ballast placement can also shape your wake, so you can create the perfect waves for optimal play.

Here at WakeMAKERS, we owe our birth to ballast. Avid wakeboarders ourselves, we started the company in 2009 because we couldn't find ballasts and ballast products that met our high standards. We began manufacturing our wake boat ballast systems and boat ballast products for ourselves right here in Bend, Oregon. That way we could retain complete control over our products and ensure customer satisfaction.

For over a decade, we have been the industry leader in ballast and the go-to source for all your ballast needs. We're always innovating and creating new ballast bag solutions, from UniversalFIT bags (sized to fit most lockers) to ExactFIT bags (bags that fit the YMM boat perfectly) to CustomFIT bags (designed to your specifications). 



We take a technical approach to make our products fit right and perform better. In addition to our own line of exclusive ballast products, we carry all of the top ballast products on the market. You will find well-respected names like Fly High Fat Sac and Eight.3, as well as Straight Line, Jabsco, Johnson, Flow-Rite and Rule. WakeMAKERS is your one-stop online shop for everything ballast.

We're happy to promote ballast because we're also crazy about watersports and we know that these products provide a key solution for an improved wake and more fun every time you hit the water. Ballast gives you more smiles per mile.

If you're wondering whether you should add ballast to your boat or are curious how to go about it, check out our Ballast 101 post. If you still have questions, the watersports enthusiasts at WakeMAKERS are ready and able to help. Call us toll-free, email us or use our live chat to get solid advice on having a blast with ballast.