Wake Foil Packages

Experience flight behind the boat with a foil surfboard. If you want to challenge yourself with a new activity that pushes your skill, riding a foil is the perfect option. We've built a selection of the best wake foil and surf foil options from the major brands in the industry to make sure you can find the right solution, whether you're just getting started riding a foil, or you're a seasoned pro riding the third roller.

Our offering of foil packages is the easiest way to get a complete foil surfing solution with everything you need to go ride. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the mast and board options, starting with a foil package is an easy way to get going.

As always, feel free to reach out to one of our product advisors for more information, or for assistance choosing your new hydrofoil setup.

Buyer's Guide: Wakefoil and Surf Foil Buyer's Guide

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