Wake Foil

Experience the power of flight

Most folks have fantasized about flying at one time or another. Unless you've sprouted wings recently, the closest you'll come to that feeling is riding a wake foil.

Wake foils are relatively new to watersports and these amazing boards allow you to ride 2 to 4 feet above the water. Some describe the experience as flying and others liken it to floating; some compare it to skiing or snowboarding the purest powder, delivered straight from the heavens. Wake foils offer a sublime ride under practically any conditions and behind practically any type of boat.

WakeMAKERS is the place to go for all things wake foil. Get ready to experience total foiling fun with any of our complete wake foil packages. We carry foils from top brands, from Liquid Force wake foil sets to Slingshot foil packages, and everything else you need to get started foiling or upgrade your wake foil, like foil ropes, handles and surf straps.

If you're considering dipping your toes into wake foiling, learn everything you need to know in our Wake Foil Buyer's Guide. This brief blog post will give you all the basics. If you still have questions, call us toll-free, email us or use our live chat. Our staff of watersports aficionados will make sure you don't get foiled by foils.