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If you're a wake surfer with a performance boat, the surf is always up. When Malibu Boats introduced SurfGate back in 2013, it forever changed the sport of wakesurfing. The Malibu SurfGate system allowed riders to create bigger and better waves themselves, rather than relying on Neptune and Poseidon. The technology was so successful that wakesurfing quickly leapfrogged ahead of waterskiing and wakeboarding as a watersport.

Today there are a number of aftermarket products designed to instantly transform your wave. Combined with the ballast in your boat, these wakesurf devices help shape waves and improve overall performance. If you use your boat for wakesurfing, a surf system is an absolute must. As your go-to source for everything wakesurfing, WakeMAKERS can help you find the best equipment for your boat.

At WakeMAKERS, you'll find a wide selection of surf systems from top manufacturers that can be attached easily with Velcro or suction cups. Our wake system selection includes products from leading names like Eight.3, Mission Boat Gear and Go Surf Assist.

To learn more about wakesurf systems, check out our exclusive Wakesurf System Buyer's Guide.

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