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Buyer's Guide: Which Wakesurf Shaper to Buy in 2022

Wakesurf Device Buyer's Guide

Wakesurfing is still the hottest watersport out there right now and for good reason; for one it’s an absolute blast, but it’s also a great way to get newbies on a board and behind the boat. As easy-going as wakesurfing is, getting your boat wave dialed in is critical to the success you're going to have. Fortunately that's never been easier with the combination of ballast and wakesurf devices.

Wakesurf devices are designed to maximize your wave as simply as possible. They work by interfering with the water leaving the non-surf side of the boat, which causes the two wakes to converge at an offset behind the boat. Many newer boats employ this principle with built-in surf systems, but for those of us with older boats, devices like the Wakesurf Edge, Mission Delta, and Go Surf Assist give you the performance of a new boat without the cost.

Wakesurf Edge Pro Wake Shaper 2.0

The Pro Wake Shaper 2.0 is a revamped version of the original, designed to produce bigger waves than ever before. It features an upgraded construction and super strong 4-inch suction cups that stick when you need, but still allow for easy removal when you’re done shredding for the day. 

 Wakesurf Edge Mega Wave Shaper 

Designed to maximize your wave with a larger faceplate totaling 252” square inches! The Mega works best if your boat is 21’ or longer, has a 325hp engine, and is equipped with additional ballast. This shaper will definitely turn your wave into a tsunami! 

Mastercraft owners rejoice! The Inline Shaper features a narrower mounting surface that allows it to be mounted on boats with dramatic stepped hulls, which is very common on many Mastercraft models. With five inline, 2” suction cups, the shaper requires minimal surface area for mounting making it a great option if traditional shapers don’t fit. Outside of the mounting, the Inline Shaper is based around the same Pro Wake Shaper 2.0 faceplate so it will have the same performance you’d expect from any of the other Wakesurf Edge products.  

Mission Delta 2.0 Wakesurf Device

With its universal design, and adjustability, the Mission Delta 2.0 is arguably one of the more flexible and adaptable shapers on the market. The first suction cup shaper, the Delta 2.0 is still holding strong, no pun intended, and a shop favorite for shaping your wave. We also love the fact that it is made in the good 'ol US of A!  

If you want the convenience of an OEM surf system for your boat, the Go Surf Assist is the perfect device for you. Fully automated and retrofittable to any boat, this system has actuated plates that drop down into position giving you the easiest way to dial in, and customize your wave.

With modern wakesurf shapers you can easily achieve a high quality surf wave. Just make sure you have your ballast dialed (ready our guide to weighting your boat for wake surfing if you have questions) and get ready to hit the water!

If you have any questions about this, or anything else for your boat, please feel free to contact a Product Advisor or leave a comment below.


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