Wakeboard Tower Guide

Our guide for wakeboard towers covers the various different models that were offered by each boat manufacturer throughout the year. Curious what tower you have on your boat? Take a look below to figure out what the tower is called, and what accessories it can support. If you're looking for upgrades for your tower, check out the product offering we support.

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Maximus TowerCenturion Maximus TowerIntroduced in 2015, the Maximus tower was a big step forward for Centurion into a modern cast tower design. It features mounting locations for two sets of racks and two sets of tower speakers.

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Aegis TowerCenturion Aegis Wakeboard TowerIntroduced on the 2013 Centurion FX22, this tower featured CNC construction, a hard anodized coating and a clean and simple aesthetic. Support for two pairs of racks via a proprietary mounting pattern.

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Gladiator Tower
Centurion Gladiator Wakeboard Tower
With obvious visual queues to the Evolution Tower that preceded it, the Gladiator tower was introduced for the 2009 model year and was Centurion's first two point mounted tower (with no structure going forward on the boat).

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Evolution TowerCenturion Evolution Wakeboard Tower


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