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WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades Explained

It is going to take more than the factory ballast system in your boat to get that wake the way you’ve always wanted. Regardless of what the salesman at the boat dealership, stock ballast is never enough. Any of those photos and videos you see of some sweet wake is built with the help of additional ballast. Don't worry, we're here to help!

WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades

Designed to directly integrate into your boat's factory ballast system, WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades make it possible to add the needed ballast in your boat to create the desired wake you've always wanted. As it is directly integrated, the additional ballast bags are filled/drained simultaneously as your factory ballast using the same switches at the helm. An easy DIY install, a WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrade can be installed in your driveway or taken to your local marine service center for a professional install.

Factory Ballast Upgrades | How Do They Work?

There are four different specific upgrades WakeMAKERS uses in our Factory Ballast Upgrades: PiggyBack, TankBuster, BagBuster, and Plug N Play. The correct upgrade for you is dependent on the year, make, and model of your boat. Luckily, we have created a finder tool that makes it easy to find the correct upgrade for your boat.

WakeMAKERS PiggyBack Ballast Upgrade

PiggyBack: this upgrade keeps the factory hard tanks in the boat and adds a WakeMAKERS ballast bag on top.

WakeMAKERS TankBuster Ballast Upgrade

TankBuster: this upgrade takes out the factory hard tank and replaces it with a bigger WakeMAKERS ballast bag.

WakeMAKERS BagBuster Ballast Upgrade

BagBuster: this upgrade takes out the OEM ballast bag and replaces it with a bigger WakeMAKERS ballast bag.

WakeMAKERS Plug-N-Play Ballast Upgrade

Plug N Play: this upgrade directly integrates a WakeMAKERS ballast bag to the already existing Plug N Play kit.

Factory Ballast Upgrades Features

The next section will cover some of the key features of the Factory Ballast Upgrades and what it requires to install.

WakeMAKERS FIT Series Ballast Bag

WakeMAKERS FIT Series Ballast Bag

All WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades use our FIT Series ballast bags. These bags features 1" ports for faster fill/drain times and are built here in the USA at the WakeMAKERS HQ. For most applications we use WakeMAKERS UniversalFIT bags that are available in incremental sizes, providing a much better fit than a standard off the shelf bag. Some of our Factory Ballast Upgrades use WakeMAKERS ExactFIT or CustomFIT ballast bags. These bags have been designed through 3D renderings provided from the boat manufacturer or through 3D scans performed by our engineers.

Boat Specific Factory Ballast Upgrades

Built for Your Specific Boat

Each factory ballast upgrade kit is individually designed and built for your specific year, make, and model boat. The provided hardware kit makes for a seamless integration into your stock ballast system and you'll instantly notice how well the bags fit when you put them in your boat's compartments. Once installed, you have a clean looking product that looks like it came straight from the factory with the boat.

Quick Connect System


We include our exclusive Flow-Rite Quick Connect System with every WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrade we offer, making it quick and easy to install/remove the bags whenever you so desire. The two-part connector easily disconnects to pull out the bag out for routine cleaning, additional locker storage, or winterization of the boat. When you are ready to put the bag back in, simply drop it back into place, reattach the quick connects, and your ballast system is ready to rock.

DIY Install


All the factory ballast upgrade kits are designed to be a quick,user-friendly DIY install. Most are designed to take under an hour and can be completed with just a few basic tools. If you prefer not to install the system yourself, contact our customer support team and we can gladly connect you with your closest authorized WakeMAKERS dealer for a professional install..

Made in USA

WakeMAKERS ballast bags are designed and built right here at our Bend, Oregon manufacturing facility. The talented team of engineers and bag builders use our innovative bag designs and industry-leading equipment to build you the best ballast bags on the market. We take immense pride in being a ‘Made in USA’ manufacturer.

Bryan and the rest of our Custom Support Team are available via phone or email to answer your questions. These ballast experts can answer any questions you might have on WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades, provide technical support, and ensure you get to enjoy a new and improved wake for more fun out on the water.

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