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Wakesurfing. You see it everywhere when you are out on the water. The sport has quickly surpassed wakeboarding and waterskiing in popularity. As the technology in wakesurf boards has increased, you might have noticed that the waves are getting bigger and better too, thanks to installed wakesurf systems on boats. Malibu reinvented the game when they debuted the Surf Gate over a decade ago. Since that time, nearly every wakeboard boat manufacturer has created their wakesurf system, and an assortment of aftermarket devices have hit the market. Now it's time to learn what all the hype is about.

Continue reading to learn all about how these devices work and which one might be a good option for you.

Wakesurf System vs. Wakesurf Device

A wakesurf system and a wakesurf device are both integral components in enhancing your wakesurfing experience, yet they operate differently. A wakesurf system typically refers to a retrofittable technology installed on a boat that generates and shapes the wake suitable for wakesurfing. Conversely, a wakesurf device, such as a surf shaper or wedge, is an external attachment affixed to the boat's hull. 

Note: We're talking about aftermarket wakesurf systems in this article, not OEM systems that come installed from the factory today.

how do wakesurf devices work?

You've added your ballast bags to properly displace more water, now what? If your boat did not come equipped with a wakesurf system, it's time to consider adding either a wakesurf device or an aftermarket wakesurf system. Both options manipulate the water flow, directing it to create a larger, cleaner wave for wakesurfing. Let's dive into the differences between these two solutions.

How Exactly Does A Wakesurf System or Device Work?

As of the writing of this article, every available surf device - whether aftermarket or factory - acts on the non-surf side of the boat. There is a common misconception that the surf device is responsible for shaping the wave by altering the flow of water on the side that you are surfing on. The surf device is deployed on the opposite side of the boat and uses the water flowing over its surface to alter the position of the boat in the water.

What Are The Advantages of a Wakesurf System?

A wake surf system is an aftermarket product permanently installed on your boat that includes surf tabs and remotely adjustable wake-shaping devices to create an ideal wake for surfing behind the boat. Once installed, they're incredibly convenient and customizable. Why we love wakesurf systems:

One & Done: Once your aftermarket surf system is installed on your boat, it's ready to use every time you go out on the water. No need for storage, carrying, placing, adjusting, etc.

Evenly Weight Your Boat: Surf systems allow the boat to be symmetrically weighted with equal amounts of weight on both sides. You are now able to use all your boat's ballast rather than just filling one side of the boat. The boat sits level in the water, making the boat easier to drive, and also more enjoyable for passengers onboard as they can sit freely throughout the boat.

Instantly Switch Surf Sides: Switch sides instantly with the push of a button. No wasted time stopping to switch the wave from regular to goofy-footed riders as it only takes a few seconds to switch the side the wave is on. Surfers can also make wave transfers while riding.

A Customizable Surf Wave: Your surf wave is consistent, powerful, and customizable. Simply use the dial on your captain's control panel to adjust the shape of the wave to your preference, rather than stopping to adjust a device. Spend more time surfing and instantly enjoying your perfect wave! 

Industry Renowned Wakesurf Systems

Go Surf Assist Aftermarket Wakesurf System

The first commercially available fully-automated wakesurf system was the Go Surf Assist wakesurf system, released in 2015. This fully automated wakesurf system installs on the transom of almost any inboard boat and is controlled by proprietary electronics hardware and software to give the best possible surf experience. This is the closest you can come to an OEM level of performance and integration for use on any boat. Go Surf Assist delivers modern wakesurf technology to older model boats.

Evolution Tabs Complete Universal Surf System (Standard Tabs or Narrow Tabs)

Evolution Tabs, owner Rob Andrus, created a wave modifying system that would generate the optimal wave for surfing or wakeboarding. This evolved wave would need to be consistent and easy to control, even for novice drivers, ensuring that every captain could enjoy the same exceptional wave that they put out for their crew.  While the Complete Universal Tab system fits most wakeboard boats, look for the Narrow Tab System if you have space restrictions like boats such as the 2004-2012 Mastercraft X Star, Toyota Epics and Centurion Warrior.

What Are The Advantages of a Wakesurf Device?

Evenly Weight Your Boat: Surf devices also allow the boat to be symmetrically weighted rather than needing to list the boat to one side. Use all your boat's ballast and allow passengers to sit where they'd like. The boat sits level in the water, making the boat easier and more enjoyable to drive.

Quickly Switch Surf Sides: Switching the wake from one side of the boat to the other with a device is far easier than the days of having to unevenly list your boat. No need to drain the ballast on one side and fill on the other to switch between regular and goofy foot riders. Simply come to a stop and move the device to the other side of the boat.

A More Consistent Surf Wave: The surf wave is more consistent, and not as dependent upon the number of people in the boat, or where they are positioned. That consistency makes it easy to have the same enjoyable surf experience from one day to the next, which is what we are all looking for. Spend more time surfing and less time setting things up! 

We'll walk through the different types of wakesurf devices available below, but do you want to see them in action? Check it out:


Mission Boat Gear DELTA 2.0

Completely redesigned in 2019, the DELTA 2.0 is packed with new technology. The best-selling aftermarket wakesurf device added RipFlow Technology for even better wave building performance. The RipFlow faceplate induces more turbulence than larger wake shapers, but still performs well at slower speeds because of the increased water flow. To make the DELTA 2.0 even better, the team at Mission decided to upgrade the attachment with their proprietary HyLoft suction cups. These high-performance suction cups are designed to accommodate the contoured surfaces of complex boat hulls, making the 2.0 even more versatile than its predecessor. The 2.0 is also the first wakesurf device to come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  SHOP NOW

Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Wakesurf Devices

liquid force wakesurf edge wakeshaper

No more small waves. No more trying to surf whitewash. Enjoy a modern wakesurf wave by sticking one of these suction cup aftermarket wakesurf devices to the side of your boat. The patented concave technology on the face of these wakesurf devices has been proven to displace water more efficiently, making your wave taller and longer than other wakesurf devices.

Wakesurf Edge Pro Wake Shaper 2.0 145

The Wakesurf Edge Pro Wake Shaper 2.0 was redesigned in 2019, when Wakesurf Edge introduced the new 2.0 with a 144sq inch face. This surf device features a new concave suction cup attachment system which works better on a variety of boat hulls compared to the older 1.0 version.  SHOP NOW

Wakesurf Edge Pro Inline Wake Shaper

With the same performance as the incredibly popular Wakesurf Edge Pro Wake Shaper, the new inline version features an innovative mounting configuration making it compatible with nearly any boat. The Wakesurf Edge Pro Inline Shaper is designed to fit radically stepped hulls with narrow strakes and heavy curves. Five inline 2" rubber suction cups securely grip the hull and won’t damage gelcoat or leave black markings on your boat.  SHOP NOW

Wakesurf Edge Pro Wake Shaper 100

The Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro Wake Shaper 100 will make a small wake even BIGGER or help you fine tune a big wake into a surfing playground! Requires a flat surface measuring 5" tall by 13" long. Can also be used with Jet Skis to build a perfect wake for foiling. Adjustable design lets you decide! Shift the Wakesurf Edge location on the fly to create deeper pockets or a longer wake face with more push.  SHOP NOW

liquid force wakesurf edge wakeshapers


The emergence of these wakesurfing systems has completely transformed wakesurfing. These devices have made wakesurfing a more convenient and enjoyable experience for riders and everyone in the boat. These surf devices are arguably the most revolutionary products since the introduction of wakeboard towers nearly two decades ago. In a few years, we will probably all laugh about back in the day when we rode without wakesurf systems.

Yes, it is still possible to weight a boat asymmetrically and generate a surfable wake. Some people will even tell you they prefer the wave that is generated from that configuration. The convenience and performance associated with modern wakesurf systems are hard to pass on. Spend more time riding and less time messing with your ballast. Start riding behind a wakesurf system today.



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