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Kids Wakesurf Board Buyers Guide


Teaching the little ones on your boat to wakesurf on a kids-specific board is paramount to making it fun for them.

You don’t teach your children to ride a bike on an adult sized bike. You don't teach them to ski on your pair of skis. So why would you teach your child how to wakesurf on your full size wakesurf board? Well... we aren't quite sure.

All too often we see children struggling to learn due to the high buoyancy of the board they are riding relative to their size. Typically the most difficult part of a child learning to wakesurf is them being able to control the board in the water. Riding a full size board makes it difficult for them to get up as well as controlling the board once they are up and riding. Riding on a children's specific wakesurf board will allow them to control the board and not the board controlling them.

Not too long ago there weren't any kids' wakesurf boards. Fast forward to today, and we now have many different kid's boards from top brands like Ronix, Liquid Force, Hyperlite, Connelly, and Phase 5. The goal of this Buyer's Guide is to help you find the right board for the grom on your boat!

The Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey series features three shapes (Fish, PowerTail, and Skim), are made with some of the same technology as their high-perfromance boards, but packed into a smaller size. This children's specific wakesurf series was designed to create boards that would help develop the next generation of shredders behind the boat.

Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Fish

Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Fish

Not sure if you need something loose and skatey, extra reactive, or Sunday cruise mellow, and just want an overall fun shape? A fish profiled “fun” board with a deep swallow tail that can easily break free on the top of the lip, yet has the bottom turn drive to get you there quickly. The Fish is the more surf style shape of the three Ronix kids' boards.

Price: $349.99 Size: 3' 9" Available at Shop Now»

Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Powertail

Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Powertail

Combining the stable aspects of a Longboard, the bottom turn drive of a Thruster, and the ability to air out like no other kid’s board out there. There has never been a kids' board with this much surface area in the tail, giving it added speed, making it easier to surf without the rope. The better option if your child is riding a smaller wave.

Price $349.99 Size: 3' 9" Available at Shop Now»

Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Skimmer

Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Skimmer

Do you have a little skim style shredder on the boat? If so, you will want to introduce him or her to the Ronix Skimmer. The Ronix Skimmer comes equipped with hard edges and skim fins. It's designed to help younger riders learn tricks, spins, and other maneuvers. New to the 2019 line-up, the Skimmer has a thicker tail that creates a lot of speed while staying on top of the water to make sure there is no catching of edges when spinning or to help with that extra boost of speed to stay in the pocket. The skimmer is compression molded which increases the durability and life of the board.

Price $349.99 Size: 3' 9" Available at Shop Now»

Hyperlite Gromcast Kids' Wakesurf Board

Hyperlite Gromcast Kids Wakesurf Board

The Hyperlite Gromcast is an all-new addition and comes from the highly popular Broadcast series. The wide profile provides the needed surface area to create a stable platform to learn on. This shred stick is great for kids learning turns, slashes, and spins. A versatile ride, this board is a fun shape that all the kids on the boat will enjoy riding.

Price $349.99 Size: 3' 9" Available at Shop Now»

Phase 5 Scamp Kids' Wakesurf Board

Phase 5 Scamp Kids Wakeboard

The original grom board from Phase 5. Get them behind the boat and catching some waves on the Scamp. Built with a thinner profile and smaller surface area, this makes it easier for children to learn to ride and progressing their skill set. Throw in all three fins for a more surfy feel or ride with the single tail fin for a more skim style ride ideal for spins.

Price $369.99 Size: 3' 9" Available at Shop Now»

Liquid Force Gromi Kids' Wakesurf Board

Liquid Force Gromi Kids Wakesurf Board

The Gromi is Liquid Force’s newest skim shape designed solely for the groms onboard. A compression molded construction makes this board highly durable and able to withstand the beating it is bound to take. The beveled rail edge gives the board more forgiveness and prevents the edge from catching. A fuller diamond shape in the tip and tail give the board extra volume, making it more stable. The single concave hull creates added glide and speed through the water. A slotted tail channel gives the rider more feel and control of the board. A large EVA traction pad covers the entire top deck for maximum grip between the rider’s feet and the board. The little ones will be ripping in no time on the all-new Gromi. Try out the strapped version for extra stability and ease of use when kids are learning to get up.

Price: $299.99 or $359.99 for the strapped version Size: 3' 10" Available at Shop Now»

Connelly Dash Kids Wakesurf Board

The Dash is the perfect size for younger riders at just 44 inches. A skim style shape, the wider belly of the board gives it added stability and forgiveness. Sharper rails help the board engage and stay with the wave even with smaller, lighter riders. The flat, featureless bottom of the board helps to generate the maximum speed possible. A compression molded board, the Dash is built similar to how a wakeboard is built. While making it heavier than some other wakesurf boards, compression molded boards offer the most in durability. Your child’s board will surely take a beating. No need to worry with this board as it won’t ding or crack easily. Your grom will be surfing in no time at all.

Price: $249.99 Size: 44" Available at Shop Now»

We hope you have found this Buyer's Guide insightful and are now confident that the board you are getting your kid is right for them. If you still have questions, our Custom Support Team of wakesurf experts is happy to help you out.

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