WakeMAKERS Ballast Hose - Black

WakeMAKERS Ballast Hose - Black


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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 31001
Item # 31001


Use the same high quality and attractive hose that almost every boat brand selects for their ballast systems.


ALL HOSE IS SOLD BY THE FOOT That allows you to get the exact amount you need for you project, just enter the total length of hose you need in the Qty field above and add to your cart.

This is the same hose Centurion, Malibu, Sanger, Supra, Moomba and others use from the factory on their wakeboard ballast system. Maximum length uncut is 100 feet. Superior durability, great performance and OEM looks, what's not to like? Heavy duty walls with a thick internal reinforcing spiral minimize kinking and withstand exposure to any compounds in the bilge of your boat.

Whether you're installing your own automated wakeboard ballast system, or extending the hoses in factory ballast system, if you want hose that matches what came from the factory, this is it.

This hose is constructed with thick vinyl walls for excellent resilience, resistance to collapse and durability when exposed to bilge fluids and high temperatures. An internal helix reinforcement prevents kinking during tight bends for more installation options without limiting flow.

This easy to work with 1 inch hose installs easily, will last forever, and whether you're using Jabsco's Ballast Puppy Pump or Fly High's Tsunami 1200 Pump, this is the hose you want to use to maximize the speed of your system so you'll be on the water sooner. Get everything you need to install your ballast system from one place so you waste less time driving around town looking for parts.

Don't jeopardize the functionality and lifespan of your wakeboard ballast installation by using clear hose from Home Depot just to have $20, buy the hose the manufacturers put in the boat from the factory.

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  • 9/21/2017
    Use a heat gun
    Calvin Wientjes

    Hose works great. Good quality good price. If you are using wakemakers fitting that say works for 1 inch or 1 and 1/8 inch and using 1 inch version of this hose. Do yourself a favor skip the hair drier and go straight to a heat gun. Struggled for too long with a hair dryer and soapy water. With a heat gun they practically fell in.

  • 1/25/2017
    Perfect to expand my piggy bag now ballast!
    JP Cosentino

    Bought additional hose to encrease venting and drain/fill for the star board side of the bow ballast. Works great and it's the same hosing and material that camel with the bow filler purchased here.

  • 6/10/2015
    Very Good
    Robert Langston

    This hose was easy to use and has a fairly good resistance to kinking. I recommend using a PVC pipe cutter to trim it to the proper length.

  • 1/17/2015
    Chris Brown

    This ballast hose was used in the install of three pumps. I used the 1 inch hose. It was very high quality hose and a good price.

  • 9/10/2014
    Very Satisfied

    Spencer was a tremendous help in selecting a spare prop for my 200V Sport Nautique. I also ordered a 400lb fatsac to piggyback onto my factory ballast; very easy install and the resulting surf wake is outstanding.

  • 7/11/2014
    Gret deal & excellent quality

    Matches my factory 1" exactly. Used 1" to upgrade factory ballast. No need to consider any other hose.

  • 7/1/2014
    Ski locker system

    I did a bit of looking around to find similar and couldn't. Nothing came close for price and quality. Have more to install and this is the hose, no questions...

  • 6/23/2014
    Thru hull fittings

    Easy transaction and a heck of a deal. No one in town came close to their price. I will return my business. Fast shipping too.

  • 6/6/2014
    2012 Tige Upgrade

    Best priced hose I found and works great. Black is great for hide-away. Out of sight, out of mind.

  • 5/8/2014
    Great product

    Product works great, price was unbeatable!

  • 5/13/2013
    Does the job for a low price

    Hose more flexible than what I had anticipated, which was nice. Good quality stuff for a low price.

  • 4/26/2013
    Awesome hose! Boat dealer wanted $7 per foot for the same stuff!

    Just tried to buy some of this hose from Taylors boats in Utah. They wanted $7 per foot! This stuff is very good quality at a great price. Thanks Wakemakers!

  • 4/17/2013
    One stop shop

    Excellent for me because the closest Moomba dealer is 45 minutes away! Everything I need to build a perfect wake!

  • 4/26/2012
    Save yourself a trip to the local hardware store and order this hose!

    Swapped out all the hoses in my 2011 Supreme V226 with the 1" and plumbed in a custom sac, this is great hose and I didn't feel like I had to step up to the Premium...does the job!

  • 4/11/2012
    Awesome, exactly what I needed
    Mr DizzyG

    The first time I did my ballast system you guys weren't around and I ended up with some hose that worked well. After 6yrs, you just had to look at it and it would crack.

    I replaced it with this hose which is nearly identical to the factory hose, which is lasting fine.

    Installation was the worst part, it's just very very snug, have a hair dryer and/or a heat gun to get it installed :)

  • 4/11/2012
    Terrific Hose

    I have found that this hose has the perfect consistency of stiffness and flexibility that allows you to push it on to those tough plumbing fittings that are always somehow located deep within the bowels of your boat. The manufacturer usually thinks that all boat mechanics are 5 feet tall with the arms of a 7 foot tall man, but with the hands of a child. With this hose, I found it easy to work with in those tough to reach spots. Thanks wakemakers! I will not go back to any other type of hose again.

  • 2/20/2012
    Great hose to use for ballast system

    I used this hose in my 2004 Enzo and it is much better than anything you will find at the local hardware store. This hose has a thick wall so it will not collapse but it is also very flexible (does not just roll back up when you let go of it) and easy to route thru your boat. It’s cheap and will make installing your ballast a lot easier.

  • 5/11/2011
    Great deal on the right hose for the job

    Used this in my 2004 Enzo. I like the thick wall construction because you can bend the hose without kinks.

  • 3/7/2011
    Malibu Ballast Hose

    I thought this hose wouldn't be high quality because the price is so low. It is the same as the OEM hose used in my Malibu ballast system and the quality is top notch. I was so happy to match the hose and make my new ballast system look like it came from the factory. This is by far the cheapest 3/4" ballast hose I could find online.

  • 3/15/2010
    New Supra Ballast System

    I used this 1" OEM ballast hose to make my 2008 Supra ballast system into a 2009 Supra ballast system. It is the same hose that I could have bought from my dealer for about twice as much money. This is not SPA hose. This is the real stuff.