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Supra Set To Announce Swell Wakesurf System November 21st (Update: It's Live)

Supra Swell Surf System:

Here's what we know... OK. We know nothing or could not tell you if we did. What we can speculate from the direction of the SkiersChoice brand is that they will have a wakesurf system but have done it differently from Malibu and Nautique. This means while those guys are pushing and shoving Supra will quietly continue to gobble up market share through out the country. From what we have heard this new system works great when implemented on the Supra SA and Supra SC hulls creating a swell behind the boat.

Sorry to all the Moomba and older model Supra owners. This Supra Swell Surf System will not be backwards compatible to your boat. Time to trade up. We do believe that owners of the newer SA and SC platforms will be able to get a retrofit kit for their boats making next summer even better than this summer.

Of course this is all speculation and we will not know anything until Thursday, November 21st. We will try and stay as educated as possible to provide our customers with the best unbiased feedback when it comes to wakeboard boat technology.

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