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G'ed Up - 2013 Super Air Nautique G21 G23 G25

In the water sports industry 2013 will be known as the year of the G. Since the introduction of the G23 last fall we have seen nothing but progression from the athletes that have been graced with a pull. The G series Super Air Nautiques are producing, hands down, the best wakeboard wakes in the industry. I will go ahead and say it... MasterCraft might lose a little market share in the giant boat category too.

The Nautique G21 hasn't been announced yet and will not be available until later this season but it could be the best wakeboard boat out of the three. With a smaller footprint less weight will be needed to displace it's massive hull deeper into the water. Word on the street is that the total ballast capacity will not be decreased giving this 21 foot boat true G status. If you are looking at a Nautique 210, Malibu VLX, MasterCraft X-10 or Tige Z1 hold off and go talk to your local Nautique dealer.

A legend is born. The Nautique G23 produces a wake that dreams are made of. From my personal experience I can tell you it is good. Real real good. Everyone loves big wakes but this boat produces a clean wake from beginner line lengths all the way back to where JD and Danny ride. The most impressive feature about the G23 wake is the landing pad. I have ridden monster sized wakes in the past but catching that much air and landing in the flats does not do good things for the knees. Don't believe me... Go talk to Shane and Parks. Landing on the back side of this wake takes the worries away from hucking your meat. The Super Air Nautique G23 is the flag ship.

Driving the Nautique G25 requires a captains hat and a cigar. The stock wakeboard wake is big with stock ballast but lets be honest. This thing is a surf machine. The G25 is a vessel made for large families, great parties, and day cruises in Miami Beach. With some extra ballast and the Nautique Surf System will provide a massive wave. Stay tuned for a full review once we get a little more time in Correct Craft's new yacht.

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