WakeMAKERS Complete Reversible Pump Ballast System

WakeMAKERS Complete Reversible Pump Ballast System


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Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Item # P6669


The WakeMAKERS Complete Reversible Pump System is a turnkey solution for automated filling/draining of the ballast in your boat. Build a bigger wake at the flip of a switch.


Finally, it's here! The WakeMAKERS Complete Reversible Pump Ballast System is an everything you need kit to add an automated ballast system to your boat. With support for up to four different ballast zones, this system will fit the bill whether you're simply adding a bow bag in your brand new boat or looking to install an automated ballast system for several bags in your older model boat.

Our turnkey ballast systems allow you to choose the pump you want to use, select the # of zones you need to run, and even adding our exclusive timer modules to automate the run time of your pump(s). This complete ballast solution will have you ready to start enjoying the performance and convenience of automated filling/draining of the ballast bags in your boat.

What’s Included

  • -Ballast Pump (based on your selection)
  • -Fill/Drain Hose (15 ft.)
  • -Vent Hose (15 ft.)
  • -Wiring Harness (20 ft. from battery to switch and 20 ft. from switch to pump)
  • -Intake Hardware
  • -Thru-Hull Fitting
  • -Wiring Components
  • -Bag Fittings (compatible with WakeMAKERS, Straight Line, and Eight.3 bags)
  • -Marine Adhesive Sealant

NOTE: The WakeMAKERS Complete Reversible Pump Ballast System does not include ballast bags

Bag Compatibility

The entire line of WakeMAKERS ballast bags are designed to be Direct Connect compatible with the Complete Reversible Pump Ballast System. From our WakeMAKERS UniversalFIT Rear Ballast Bags to our WakeMAKERS CustomFIT Ballast Bags, we are sure to have the right ballast bag for your needs. Not sure which ballast bag is right for you and your boat? Our ballast experts are here to help you get setup with the bags that will fit your boat and budget.

Choose from either the WakeMAKERS Premium Reversible Pump with its 12GPM rating or the Jabsco Ballast King Reversible Pump with its high output 15GPM rating.


The number of zones you select will dictate how many pumps you need. You can use one pump for each ballast bag you want to fill and drain, or because this system makes use of reversible pumps, you can even share a single pump to control multiple locations (this will slow down fill/drain times though).

Timer Module
The achilles heel of reversible ballast pump systems has long been that they drain below the waterline, therefore making it difficult to know when to turn off the pump(s). Our new exclusive Timer Module solves that problem by giving you the ability to pre-set the run time of the pump(s), causing them to automatically shut off when finished filling/draining. This helps to prevent possible damage to the pump and/or impeller.

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