Wakesurf Board Buyer's Guide

Wakesurf Board Buyer's Guide

Looking to buy a new wakesurf board? Overwhelmed by all the choices? Need help? You've come to the right place!

The WakeMAKERS Wakesurf Board Buyer's Guide is the most comprehensive document on everything wakesurf boards. In this buyer's guide, we will cover everything you as the consumer needs to know before pulling the trigger on your next board. After all, finding the right board for you is imperative to making the most of those lake days.

WakeMAKERS Wakesurf Buyer's Guide

Board Style: Skim, Surf, or Hybrid?

There are three different styles of wakesurf boards: surf, skim, and hybrid. Deciding which style you want is the first step in finding your first or next wakesurf board. We'll discuss each board style and help you find out which is best suited for you.

Surf Style Wakesurf Boards

Surf style is the most popular option when it comes to wakesurf board style. Most of the surf style boards closely resemble the boards you would see at the beach but are shrunken down and specially designed to surf a boat's wake. A surf style board is the most user-friendly as they are stable, catch the wave easier, and generate speed quicker. We recommend that most beginner wakesurfers get a surf style board as they are the easiest to learn on. Advanced riders enjoy surf style boards thanks to their quickness and high-speed maneuverability, ideal for big turns, slashes, and airs. Although not designed for doing all the tricks that are possible on a skim style board, surf-style boards are more than capable of doing 360's.

Skim Style Wakesurf Boards

The most playful of the three board styles, skim style boards are preferred among those looking to do tricks behind the boat. A skim style board is typically smaller in size than a surf style board and has smaller fins, creating a more slippery feel on the water that is ideal for spins, airs, and skate-inspired tricks behind the boat. Ideal for wakesurfers that are comfortable riding, skim style boards are best suited for intermediate-advanced wakesurfers.

Hybrid Style Wakesurf Boards

The name says it all… a hybrid shape is a blend between surf and skim style. The goal is simply to offer the best of both worlds, the pure surfy feel of a surf style board combined with the playfulness of a skim style board. Hybrid boards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A great option for wakesurfers not sure what they need and want a little bit of everything.

Wakesurf Board Fin Setup

Often overlooked but never forgotten, the fin setup plays a significant role in the overall ride and feel of the board. In recent years brands have been placing a larger emphasis on wakesurf fins and it is paying major dividends in the overall ride and feel of the board. From high-performance carbon fins to new tool-less fin systems, many of the boards are equipped with the most advanced fins on the market, further improving the wakesurfing experience.

Once you've decided what style of board you want, one of the next steps is finding out the right fin setup for your riding. There are many factors that play into this such as riding style, ability level, and wave size. Continue reading to learn about each of the fin setups, what board styles they are most common on, and how they feel on the water.

Single Fin Wakesurf Boards

Single Fin

This fin setup is most common on skim style boards but can also be seen on some cruiser/longboard surf style boards. Acting very much like a rudder for the board, the single fin offers stability, hold, and control but can break free easily for spins and lipslides. Best suited for medium-large sized waves.

Twin Fin Wakesurf Boards

Twin Fin

Best described as a fun, playful ride with enough hold for surfy turns while still being easy to spin 360's. Some surf/hybrid style boards come stock with only two fins but most boards will have three fin boxes. Take out the center tail fin and ride the board as a twin fin. A great performer in waves of all sizes.

Thruster Fin Setup


The most popular fin setup for good reason. Most surf style wakesurf boars will come standard with three fins called a "thruster" fin setup. The outside fins help generate speed down the line while the center fin offers stability and control. A versatile setup, the fins can be removed to ride it as a single or twin fin as well. This setup excels waves of all shapes and sizes.

Quad Fin Wakesurf Board

Quad Fin

The quad fin setup is only found on surf style boards. It is all about speed, allowing the wakesurfer to pump and generate speed using the fins. Can take out two of the four fins to ride it as a twin fin too. Rides great on bigger sized waves.

Five Fin Wakesurf Board

Five Fin

Not as common but the five fin setup is all about options. Only found on surf style boards, this fin setup gives you the versatility to ride your board with any fin combination. We don’t recommend riding with all five fins as it will cause significant drag and slow the board. Rides great on waves of all sizes.

Wakesurf Board Tail Shape

The tail shape on your wakesurf board isn't all about looks. Since the early days of surfing, riders everywhere have created different tail shapes to improve the feel of their board based on wave conditions. For your sanity we won't dive deep into the hydrodynamics of tail shapes and their impact on the board's feel on the water.

WakeMAKERS Wakesurf Board Tail Shapes

The most common tail shape on surfboards, a bigger, wider tail will catch the wave easier and get more "push" for dropping the rope and surfing the wave. The extra "push" from a square or big, rounded tail typically makes for quicker acceleration and increased overall speed. A fantastic option for those that don't have a huge wave behind their boat.

A smaller, more rounded tail shape will be more responsive turning and have a looser, more playful feel on the water. Round tail shapes are found on all styles of wakesurf boards but the skim style boards will have a much smaller, more pointed round tail shape that is ideal for spins and tricks. The round tail shapes are great for medium-large sized waves as they don't have the same "push" as a big, square tail shape.

The fish or swallow tail design has been very popular in surfing for decades now and we are starting to see more wakesurf boards with this tail shape. The wider tail gives it a good amount of push while having impressive responsiveness in its controlled turns. A great option for smaller, mushier waves that don't have lots of push.

Wakesurf Board Rail Design

On a wakesurf board it is the rail that affects how water flows past the board and ultimately determines how it rides in and out of turns. A thinner, sharper rail will generate more speed and responsiveness while a thicker, more round rail gives a board a more stable, consistent feel. Learn below how each rides and which one is the best fit for you.

Wakesurf Board Full Rail

Full Rail

The full rail is found on most surf style boards. Very user-friendly for riders of all ability levels thanks to its stability and consistency throughout turns. The softer, fuller rail holds onto the wave better, making it easy to stay in the wave's "sweet spot" and sustain speed.

Wakesurf Board Hard Rail

Hard Rail

The hard rail is found on most skim style boards. The harder edge cuts through the water easier for increased board speed breaks free much easier for spins. Doesn't have the same hold as a softer, fuller rail so it feels more loose and slippery while surfing.

Wakesurf Board Blended Rail

Blended Rail

A blended rail is somewhere between a full rail and a hard rail design. Found on many of the hybrid style boards. A good universal option that is stable and user-friendly but playful enough to spin the board for 360's.

Must-Have Wakesurf Accessories

Congratulations! You've learned all the basics needed to make an informed purchase on your first or next wakesurf board. Once you have decided on that perfect new board for yourself, it is time to get all the other important essentials you need for a proper wakesurfing experience.

Wakesurf Ropes & Handles

WakeMAKERS Wakesurf Ropes & Handles

A wakesurf specific rope and handle is a must-have for safety reasons. The wakesurf ropes are typically around 25 feet in length, perfect for getting you in the sweet spot of the wave. The handles are smaller as both hands aren't needed at wakesurf speeds and it helps prevent a rider's arms, legs, or neck from getting caught inside the rope.

Since the goal is to drop the rope and surf the wave without it, you don't need anything special. The main factors to consider when choosing a wakesurf rope & handle are the length, handle type, and of course the color.

Wakesurf Board Bags & Sleeves

2018 Ronix Wakesurf Boards

It is no secret that high-performance wakesurf boards are fragile. Built just like their ocean counterparts, wakesurf boards are built to perform at a high level but are also susceptible to dings, cracks, and harmful uv rays if not stored properly. We recommend protecting your new investment so that it lasts many years by keeping it tucked away inside a board bag or board sleeve.

Board Bags

All of those things can be avoided by simply handling your board with care and keeping it inside a board bag while in transit or not out on the water riding. So what are the benefits of carrying your board around in a board bag?

Here are just a few of them:

  • -Helps keep your board protected from harmful UV rays, accidental drops, and those "oh $%&!" moments.
  • -Transporting your wakesurf board to/from the lake is much easier thanks to the carrying handle and/or shoulder strap.
  • -There is typically extra room to store fins, board shorts, life jacket, or whatever else you need on the water.
  • -Take your board wherever you go as it can now be checked onto a flight, train, or bus ride.

  • Board Sleeves

    A sleeve is the cheaper, less effective alternative to using a board bag. While helping protect your wakesurf board from the sun, a sleeve doesn't offer much for impact protection or making transportation of your board easier.

    A great option to keep on the boat or the dock. A quick and easy way to stow your board when it's not being used.

    We 110% recommend spending the extra $$$ and getting a board bag to protect your board on an everyday basis.

    We hope you found the WakeMAKERS Wakesurf Board Buyer's Guide very helpful. Now you can use our exclusive Wakesurf Board Finder Tool to narrow down the choices and find that perfect wakesurf board for your summer. Enjoy!

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