2017 Phase 5 Scamp Kids' Wakesurf Board

2017 Phase 5 Scamp Kids' Wakesurf Board



This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.


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Item # P5753


Designed for the younger riders in your life, the Scamp is the ultimate grom board. The wider shape makes it stable and fast while the tri-fin setup creates easy, controlled turns.


The Scamp is not just a shrunken down version of an adult wakesurf board. Everything about this board is designed specifically for the little shredder in your life. Get your kid started wakesurfing right on Phase 5’s popular childrens board.

A wider profile creates a stable, forgiving ride that will instill confidence in younger riders. The thinner core makes for easier deep-water starts while still providing ample float for surfing without the rope. A sensitive rail will help the lighter riders lock into the face of the wave and remain in the sweet spot.

The unmatched durability of the Scamp is a much-needed confidence booster that this board will last for years and hopefully be handed down to the next generation of groms. A tri-fin setup helps create easy, controlled turns while still able to break free once your little one begins to get more comfortable behind the boat. A full eva traction pad provides ample grip between the rider’s feet and the board.

Phase 5 Scamp Features

  • -Ultimate grom board, easy to learn on
  • -Three fin setup; maximum stability
  • -Diamond groove eva traction pad + arch support
  • -Unmatched durability; will last a lifetime

Skim Style Board

Skim Style

A skim style board is popular for doing spins, airs, and skate inspired tricks behind the boat. If you are looking to get tricky surfing the endless wave, a skim board is the best option. We recommend a skim style wakesurf board for advanced riders only.

Thruster Fin Setup


The most popular fin setup for good reason. The outside fins help generate speed down the line while the center fin offers stability and control. Even better, it can be rode as a single or twin fin as well. This setup excels in almost all conditions.

Pin Tail Board Shape

Pin Tail

The narrowest width of any tail shape, the tail has less surface area causing it to sink more into the water. This creates a ton of traction and feel while surfing but can be difficult to maneuver on smaller waves. Works best on a huge wave.

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  • 6/15/2017
    Perfect board for the Grom
    Bryan Smith

    There's a lot of grom boards to choose from. Do yourself a favor and don't over analyze it or transfer what you know for yourself onto your child. Here's what you need. Short and shallow for their body weight. And narrow for their short feet to be able to work. Some configurable fins in the back to help with progression. And an exciting color scheme. Oh and not the most expensive because it's a kid and it's their board and they're going to want to take care of it. So it's gonna get dinged, scratched, and generally abused... mostly well intentioned accidents, but there you go.

    My 5 year old 48lb son was desperate to try surfing. Even our smallest adult board was obviously too big. Enter the Scamp (in his favorite color blue) and we had him getting up and riding the board day one. We started in the pool with him sitting on a shallow ledge over and over to get him putting his feet in the right place and managing his body right. Then we'd pull him across the pull from the other end. After that it was the lake and because of his weight vs the board someone had to give him just a little bit of lift on the back of his jacket so he could lever and roll up over the board instead of under it. That's not going away until he gets a little longer and has more leg to work with. But he's riding up through the start and cruising for a good minute and getting a feel for it and loves it.

    Oh, and Wakemakers makes Phase5 give them the same graphics on every Scamp. What you see in the photo is what you get. Not a random Phase5 paint scheme. This board looks great in person.