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We work hard to maintain our reputation as the best source for wakeboard ballast products, design and implementation. What many of our friends and customers don't know is that we are also the premier source for marine stereo components from brands like Exile Audio, Skylon Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Infinity and more, which we sell through our website We work hard to make sure you have as much fun on your boat as possible, and it was becoming increasingly obvious that having two separate websites was not only cumbersome for our team, but also inconvenient for our customers. So today we're announcing a big change, as we've made all of the audio products we offer on available on

What Are We Changing?

As of today, we've moved our marine audio products onto to offer a cohesive, simplified shopping experience for our customers. We were already offering the best products at the best prices, but were selling them through one of our other websites, That was confusing for our customers, especially when they wanted our expertise for wakeboard ballast as well as marine audio, but were forced to call two different phone numbers, and place two separate orders. Now you can do all your shopping on one site, get all your questions answered in one phone call or email, and combine items for free shipping and other promotions on a single order.

Why Are We Doing it?

Our entire reason for being is to help our customers find the perfect product for their needs, at the best possible price. Keeping that in mind, we've realized that offering marine stereo products through a completely different website did not meet our goal of making the shopping experience easier for our customers. This is not a merger, WakeMAKERS did not buy or sell anything to or from any other company, we're simply just unifying two websites that we've been running into a single platform. Nothing will change in terms of our focus, the quality of the products we sell, or how we operate.

What Does This Mean?

In addition to continuing to serve the ballast industry with the best products, most knowledgable ballast experts, and amazing fulfillment, we're also able to offer our customers marine stereo products, all under one website. That means even more convenience for our customers, and ensures that we can continue to make sure we help boat owners have the most fun possible behind their boats.

If you have any questions about setting up the stereo system in your boat, contact us for a personalized discussion.

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