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Top 10 Wake Edits

Top 10 Wake Edits

With the outbreak of COVID-19, all of us here on the WakeMAKERS Marketing Team, like many others, find ourselves practicing social distancing and doing our part to help minimize the spread of the virus. While being cooped up we can’t help but dream of warm summer days out on the water with our friends and family, we’ve even resorted to watching some of our favorite wake edits and movies to help pass the time. We couldn’t help but throw together a list of some of our top picks to help keep the stoke alive while we wait out this pandemic, and wait for summer.


The California Delta has a long tradition of producing some of the most stylish riders ever to set foot on a wakeboard. With miles and miles of glassy sloughs, it’s no wonder why this place has always been a mecca for the west coast. Trever Maur and Josh Twelker have been holding down the fort on this spot for quite some time and after watching their latest web edit, Delta, you can see why. This edit, shot by the very talented Spencer Norris, features some of the most technical, stylish riding to come out in the past year. Some of the standout shots in my mind are Trever’s rocket air roll to blind, Josh’s wrapped cab 9, and Hayden Berg letting his foot breathe on the wake to wake 1 footer. Not to mention any of Trev and Josh’s double shots where they are literally landing feet from one another. Overall an amazing edit and a good watch.

INSIGHT - Graeme Burress - The Section

I have never been more worried about the safety of a rider than when I was watching Graeme’s Insight part. From the very beginning with that massive pool gap tantrum to blind, all the way to the stalefish down a huge spillway, I was on the edge of my seat the first time watching this through (I’ve probably watched it over 100 times by now). The edit is very well put together and everything from the song, to the spot selection, makes this one of the best winch-centric parts ever in wake.

Beyond Perception w/ Raph Derome

This was the edit that truly solidified Raph as one of the G.O.A.T. in wakeboarding. Starting things off with an epic boat section with 9's and 10's being spun every which way, then ending with a cable/winch part that could still win video part of the year in 2020. This edit was years ahead of its time and influenced a lot of the current trends in wake, especially on the cable side.

Mike Dowdy: Real Wake 2015

I always end up dizzy after watching this edit between all the different mobe variations, 10s, and double flips. Out of all of the edits in this list, this one has the most tech tricks, and it proves how much of an animal Mike Dowdy is on his board. A standout to me still is the wake to wake toe 12, which I remember having to rewind over and over just to make sure I was counting the number of rotations correctly the first time I watched this.

Mike Dowdy Makes Moves

Another edit featuring Mike Dowdy... This was really what put Dowdy on the map as a force to reckoned with in the competition scene. Showcasing a mixture of insanely technical spins and mobes all while grabbing and putting his own twist on every trick.

Felix Georgii: Real Wake 2018

This edit is probably my personal favorite on this list. Between Felix’s style, spot selection, and the editing I feel like I’m watching my favorite skate or snowboard movie and not wakeboarding. A few standout shots, in my opinion, are the up flat closeout rail, frontside tail with the tail of Felix’s board sawed off, and the massive drop to end the edit.

Tyler Higham: Real Wake 2018

This edit holds a special place in our hearts since it’s of our Bend, Oregon hometown hero Tyler Higham. Ty, who is known for being primarily a boat rider, really stepped out of his comfort zone for this edit and threw down on some heavy winch spots all up and down the west coast, which is why it’s in our top 10. It’s also entertaining trying to pick out a few famous spots here in Oregon, including a few shots from our home lake, Lake Billy Chinook.

Remote Morning

The lone wakeskate edit on the list! This one could make it based on cinematography alone, but add in the riding of Léo Labadens and Josh Zentmeyer it becomes a certified classic.

REMOTE MORNING from #permacation on Vimeo.

Unconventional – Trever Maur

Trever Maur’s name is all over this list of our favorite edits, mostly behind the camera instead of in front of it, so we only found it fitting to throw his personal project on the list as well. Not only that, but Trever is also one of the most unique and creative riders in the sport today across all disciplines.

UNCONVENTIONAL – Trever Maur from Hyperlite Wakeboards on Vimeo.

Hakunamatata - Shredtown

An oldie but a goodie! The Shredtown crew was one of the first to incorporate winching into wakeboarding, which has now become the norm for any pro filming for a movie or a video part. Take a walk down memory lane to where wide stances and baggy boardshorts were in style!

hakunamatata from Shredtown on Vimeo.

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