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Tigé PiggyBack Factory Ballast System Upgrade

What it is: Tigé PiggyBack Factory Ballast System Upgrade Interested in adding the rear component of the Tigé Wake Surf Ballast Package or Tigé Pro-Level Ballast Package to your boat for surfing, but don't want to hassle with filling ballast bags by throwing a pump over the side of the boat? Our exclusive Tigé Pigyback ballast upgrade allows you to add an additional 400, 750 or 1,100 pounds of fully automated ballast to the factory Base Package system on your Tigé wakeboard boat. Because our PiggyBack packages are designed to integrate directly with your factory wakeboard boat ballast system and are controlled using the switches on your dash or the TigéTouch, everything stays completely automated and effortless to use. For Use In: Our is designed to work with any Tigé boat that has factory rear ballast tanks that are installed below the floor of the boat and use aerator pumps for filling and draining. Confirmed models include the following boats: - '09-Current Tige RZ2 - '09-Current Tige RZ4 For specific questions on fitment, and for possible compatibility with other models, click here. Bag Size, Application and Dimensions:
Bag Weight Application Bag Size
No Bag Chose this option if you already have a Fly High Pro X Series ballast bag No Bag
400 lbs Suitable for use in all Tigé v-drive boats with factory rear ballast tanks installed below the floor. 42" x 16" x 16"
750 lbs Suitable for use in 2008-current Tige RZ2, RZ4, 24ve 50" x 20" x 20"
1,100lbs Suitable for use in 2006-current Tige 24ve 50" x 24" x 24"
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