10 Must-Have Boat Accessories

10 must-Have Boat Accessories

We get questions every single day about our favorite boating accessories and gear. After all, we spend countless hours boating, testing out new gear, and chatting about products all day long.

Here’s our list of a few of our must-have accessories for your boat this summer. We hope this helps you pick out some new gear for your wake boat and makes your time on the water that much more enjoyable.


Mission Tuko Beach Towel

MISSION Boat Gear's innovative TUKO towels are a must-have on your boat. The TUKO towel absorbs significantly more water than its cotton counterparts and is excellent for drying off after being in the water. They stow small, making it easy to save that always valuable space inside your boat. Tuko Towels roll up nicely into the included bag with a hanging strap on the towel itself for hanging up to dry! The Tuko Towel is an amazing way to avoid feeling wet and cold when the sun finally drops below the horizon!

Mission Tuko Towels


Ronix Bimini Surf Board Carrier

Need more storage for your boards? The Ronix Bimini Top Surf Board Carrier is for you! Sitting atop your current bimini and wrapping its fastening straps around the existing tubing, this storage option makes board retrieval and storage a breeze while leaving your floor clean!

As a bonus, the Ronix Bimini Rack doubles as a storage bag for moving your boards to and from the water. Fin storage included!

Ronix Bimini Board Carrier


Mission REEF Mat

Have you ever wanted to pause and layout on the water? The Mission Reef mat makes that dream a reality. Inflatable and rigid, the Mission Reef Mat is the perfect toy for a fun day out on the water. A must-have addition to your boat. Lake days just got a whole lot better!

The Mission Reef Mat breaks down and stores in its included stuff sack, but when inflated creates the perfect platform for hanging out with the kids, pulling yourself out of the water, or storing your gear between sets on the water. Built-in D rings and a variety of shapes and sizes means the Mission Reef Mat will anyone's needs. Once you add this mat to your collection, you will question how you ever lived without it.

Mission Reef Mat


Box Anchor

I know, an anchor probably isn't what you thought would be on this list. One of the many amazing things about wake boats is their versatility for fun. We all have that one part on the lake where we love to relax midday, have a snack and enjoy a swim. The worst thing that can happen while you’re trying to relax is a boat breaking free or floating away. We here at WakeMAKERS searched tirelessly to find a consistent and reliably secure anchor that packs down nice and small and is reliable in almost every bottom condition. The design of this anchor system allows it to break down into a manageable size. With some anchors, the orientation needs to be considered but not with the box anchor. The smart design allows the box anchor to stick in both major orientations and enables it to flip over and catch again when the wind changes direction. Regardless if you are camping, or just enjoying some time on the water, this anchor will bring the peace of mind required to enjoy your time.

Small Box Anchor


WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrade Kits

We here at WakeMAKERS believe that stock ballast is never enough. To truly maximize the potential of your boats wake, you need to upgrade your ballast. The easiest way to do that is with a WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrade. Our exclusive line of WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades is sure to add some serious mass to your wave. As a leader in the production and innovation of ballast bags over the last ten years, we pride ourselves on knowing the quality of our bags is unsurpassed, and that includes our upgrade kits. Enter your Year, Make, and Model, to see what upgrades we have available for your boat!

WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrade Kit


Mission SENTRY Boat Fenders

For most of us, docking the boat is the most nerve-wracking experience on the water. Modern Wake boats cost a lot of money and gel coat damage is every boat owner's nightmare. Luckily, Mission has a solution for this! The Mission SENTRY's unique shape contours to the shape of modern boat hulls for a better fit. This contouring helps to keep the fender from getting caught on top of the deck, making for worry-free docking and mooring.

The SENTRY Fenders hanging system offers quick, easy positioning and maximum protection. Whether attached to the boat or the dock, the SENTRY Fender protects both above and below the rub rail, unlike traditional boat fenders. If the extra length is unneeded, trim it to clean up the look of the fender!

Bonus - the line is treated to resist mold and UV rays, so no worries about leaving it on the dock all summer long.

Looking to make the good life even easier? Get the Seachoice Box Anchor mentioned above and the SENTRY fender as the ultimate boater's bundle.

Mission SENTRY Fenders


Wakesurf Edge Mega Wave Shaper

Liquid Force believes that bigger is better, and with their mega-sized Wakesurf Edge, they aim to prove that true. With the redesign of the Wakesurf Edge, Liquid Force built a wake shaper designed for larger boats. Boats that are 23ft+ should consider this as their option for a wake shaper to build a large clean wake and displace as much water as possible. With super-strong suction cups on one side and an upgraded concave surface on its face, the Wake Shaper displaces a ton of water.


Babes Boat Care Kit

While boat care might be one of the less glamorous parts of boat ownership, it also gives us a sense of pride in our boats. The Babes Boat Care Kit comes with everything you need for quick touchups. Never worry about stains on vinyl or your boat carpet again. This kit stores away easily, so that it can be kept on your boat at all times.

Keep pride in your boat, it's your ticket to fun!


WakeMAKERS Trailer Guide Covers

Alright, so we’re a little biased on what trailer guide covers you should get. We think we’re pretty cool and hope you do too. Sold as a pair, including the foam, these fit over most trailer guides. Pick a length that suits your trailer and prepare to have some instant surf cred on the water! Slap them on, take a photo, send it to the gram and tag us at #wakemakers so we can share it.


ACME Weekend Saver Kit

I get it; a backup Propeller is not what most of us want to spend our money on. It's not flashy, it's not exciting to most people and doesn't look as cool on your boat as a new surfboard, but it's arguably the most critical piece of equipment you can keep on your boat. Too many weekends have been ruined by hitting a rock or log and damaging a propeller. Keeping a spare in your car or on your boat at all times gives you the ability to save your weekend.

Enter the Weekend Saver Kit — everything you need to swap out a prop from a padded case to all the tools.

Don't let your annual family vacation be ruined by a damaged prop again. Keep a spare, and spare yourself the bummer of a ruined trip or day on the water!

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