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Will Asher Surfs His 2010 Malibu LXi

Wakesurfing behind a Malibu Response LXi

No one explained to Will Asher that he needed to have a V Drive boat to wakesurf. Well do you? Mr. Asher recently loaded up his new Malibu LXi with a couple of friends and the wake was definitely surfable. Consider this, there isn't any stock ballast nor is he using the Malibu wedge. By looking at the picture above we are guesstimating there is around 1000 lbs. of displacement. With the correct distribution of weight, the wake could be much better.

One question we often receive at WakeMAKERS is... "How much weight do I need to surf behind my direct drive water ski boat?" The answer is eight friends, but those friends aren't always available. They can easily be replaced with a ballast bag, four to seven minutes of your time and $230 to $300.00.

There are a couple things to consider when weighting a direct drive ski boat. Most importantly determine how to best use the limited seating space available as you don't want a visit from your local authorities when passengers are not sitting inside the boat. Keep in mind that you will want to seat everyone on the surf side of the boat and don't be afraid to send passengers to the bow. As you distribute weight towards the bow, the sweet spot of the wake will get longer and will allow the rider to surf further away from the back of the boat.

We suggest placing the ballast sac next to the engine compartment as far back as possible on the surfing side. The optimal sacs for this location are the Fly High V-Drive Surf Sac (450 lbs.), the Fly High Fat Sac (750 lbs.), the Fly High Jumbo Surf Sac (1100 lbs.), or the Fly High Ultimate Wake Surf Sac (1000 lbs.). Remember that your ballast bag doesn't need to be completely full. Choose a bag with the most weight you would ever need. You can always remove weight but there will be a limit to the amount that can be added.

When you find the perfect Fly High Ballast Bag don't forget to grab the Fly High Tsunami Ballast Pump. With it's quick connect fitting system and unmatched flow rate of 150 lbs. of water per minute, you’ll be riding faster than ever before.

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