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Lift Launches New eFoil for Under $10K

New for 2022 is the Lift3 F eFoil, starting at $9,995, a hefty $2,500 reduction from the original Lift3 model’s opening price. What’s different? Not a lot! A fiberglass composite board instead of full carbon, a shorter battery life option, and fewer mast and wing options are pretty much it. Here’s the rundown:

The new F model board is constructed of fiberglass instead of carbon, so it’s going to be heavier and a bit more flexible. But it’s an eFoil and you aren’t doing the work, so the weight only matters when you’re carrying it to the car. There are two size options as well, the 4’9” and 5’4”, two less sizes than on the original Lift3 model which also offered a 4’2” and 5’9” option. Again, for the cost savings a pretty easy sacrifice to make. Smaller riders can size up easily, and bigger riders might not get as much time out of the battery but will still have a blast. Color options offered are Sea Foam Green and Vermillion Red. 

A new lightweight battery is the other big difference here, saving 7 pounds and lasting up to 60 minutes. The original full range battery lasts for up to 100 minutes and is available for an extra $1,000. Time is money! 

The Lift3 F mast is the standard 28” option, the most versatile size. Pro riders might want the longer 32” mast on the Lift3 for high bank angle turns, but the masses are going to be happy with this size. 

There are two front wing options: a 200 Surf V2 for all around performance, the default size; and a 250 Surf V2 for larger riders. Both of these come with a 48 Surf V2 back wing, the most stable of the Lift3 wing options. Again, Lift is cutting down the ultra performance options to cater to the masses, and 90% of the population will never miss them. Those riders wanting a more challenging and sporty ride will have smaller wing options to upgrade into. 

Lift made some smart changes to get their incredibly fun eFoil under the $10 grand mark. A bit more weight and fewer performance options are things most people will never miss and are an easy choice for the savings. And those still wanting the longer ride time can always upgrade to the bigger battery.

Get your Lift3 F eFoil here:

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