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The El Von Videl Schnook Wakeboard Tested at Lake Ronix - Marc Rossiter

With respect we must inform you that after filming this video Lake Ronix had to be shut down. There was no way anyone was going to drop more hammers than Marc on the current setup. The Ronix team is currently hard at work producing other features to reopen in hopes that it will make it harder for guys like Marc and Erik to show everyone else up.

For 2104 Ronix has redesigned the El Von Videl Schnook Utility Nu Core Wakeboard to provide a base for both cable and boat riding. Last season the Schnook was hands down the most popular cable park board. With a training ground like Lake Ronix, Marc Rossiter, and the other members of the team are going to keep making products better season after after season. The best seat in the house will be where you are now as we get edits of the best riders in the world slaying rails with the system 2.0.

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