How-To: Change Your Inboard Propeller In 10 Minutes

How To Replace Your Boat Propeller

In this WakeMAKERS How-To we will be sharing how to change the prop on your inboard propeller in less than 10 minutes. Whether upgrading to a higher performance prop or replacing a damaged prop, knowing how to remove and change props is an important skill for all boat owners.

We recommend using the ACME C-Clamp Prop Puller for removing an inboard boat propeller. Watch the video below to get a step by step tutorial from WakeMAKERS Product Expert Anthony on removing your prop and installing your new one in just a few minutes.

Pro Tip: get the ACME Weekend Saver Kit to make life easier. The kit includes a padded prop carry case (fits props up to 15" in diameter), c-clamp prop puller, needle nose pliers, crescent wrench, and prop hardware kit. Other suggested tools while removing a prop are a hammer and prop wrench. The prop wrench is available at 

ACME C-Clamp Prop Puller Instructions

  • Remove the cotter pin. Loosen the prop nut two turns (do not remove the nut). You want approximately 2 full threads of space between the nut and the prop hub.
  • Back out the prop puller bolt to allow for installation of the puller. The puller “fingers” slide between the forward end of the prop hub and aft of the strut (barrel portion). The puller bolt cap is positioned over the end of the shaft aft of the prop.
  • Advance the puller bolt clockwise (tighten) with a wrench. Do not over-tighten. The purpose of tightening is not to break the prop free, but to apply ample pressure on the end of the shaft and the forward end of the prop hub to transfer the shock, during impact, with a hammer. DO NOT USE AN IMPACT WRENCH.
  • Once the puller is firmly in place and the puller bolt is tightened down, hit the puller on the end opposite the both, with a hammer (it is also possible to hit the head of the puller bolt, but hitting it on the finger end is preferred, to avoid causing damage to the bolt, cap, or bolt thread). It may be necessary to repeat steps 3 & 4. The hammer impact and harmonics should be enough to break the prop free from the shaft taper. Once free, remove the nut, prop, and key (if applicable)
  • When reinstalling the propeller, adding a very light film of grease or anti-seize on the shaft/bore taper is acceptable, but do not over-apply. Also, do not over-tighten the prop nut. Approximately 35 foot-pounds is sufficient.

Difficulty level: easy-moderate

Estimated time: 10 minutes


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