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2020+ Mastercraft NXT Ballast Upgrades Now Available

2020 Gen II Mastercraft NXT Ballast Upgrades

We are thrilled to announce that the latest addition to our industry leading ExactFIT Ballast Bag offering, providing upgrades for all 2020 and newer Mastercraft NXT models, are available now!

Owners of Mastercraft's popular NXT line have been asking for these upgrades since the boats were redesigned for the 2020 model year, and they're now available for all NXT20, NXT22 and NXT24 models, adding even more ExactFIT options for Mastercraft models.

Increased Capacity Without Compromising Fit
WakeMAKERS ExactFIT Ballast Bags offer maximized capacity without risk of damage to the bag or the boat thanks to their innovative design. These bags are truly designed to fit a specific generation of boat, so they're a perfect match for the locker compartments. That means you get the most possible capacity from a bag that fits perfectly, and unlike generic off-the-shelf bags, they don't risk damage to the bag or boat from overfilling.

Mastercraft NXT Series ExactFIT Ballast Bag Capacities:

  • 2020+ Mastercraft NXT 20: Rated Capacity - 600lbs
  • 2020+ Mastercraft NXT 22: Rated Capacity - 640lbs
  • 2020+ Mastercraft NXT 24: Rated Capacity - 660lbs
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