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Dominic Lagace's Newest Pro Model | Liquid Force Super Tramp

liquid force super tramp
Dominic Lagace Discusses The Liquid Force Super Tramp, His New Pro Model For 2017

In the blink of an eye summer has quickly passed by. It is now time for us to turn our attention to next year. This is always an exciting time of the year at the office as all the brands begin to unveil their products for the following year.

Liquid Force has unveiled next year's wakesurf boards and there are some exciting new additions to the lineup including four brand new shapes as well as a totally redesigned Dart shape. One of the most highly anticipated additions to the Liquid Force wakesurf lineup this year is the Super Tramp, Dominic Lagace's newest pro model.

After riding his Doum for the past several years, Dominic Lagace is making a splash in 2017 with the debut of his newest pro model board. The waves are bigger and better than ever before so Dom wanted a new board that is better suited for the monstrous waves boats are throwing these days. His newest creation... the Super Tramp. sat down with Dominic Lagace to learn all about the Super Tramp, his all-new skim hybrid.

Congrats on the new pro model Dom! What Liquid Force wakesurf board were you riding previously?

I've been riding my LF Doum Pro 54"

Can you please describe Super Tramp? How does this new shape ride in the water?

The Super Tramp definitely has a little more surfy feeling to it than my previous boards. This board is definitely more of a skim hybrid shape. It has a lot of snappiness, more explosive pop, and is very light. The shape features a narrower outline than traditional skim boards, making it easier to switch from edge to edge. This is a serious help once you start trying spins, airs, and lip tricks.

What size Super Tramp are you riding?

I am riding the 4’3” Super Tramp

How does the Super Tramp compare to the Doum Pro? What changes did you look to make with your new pro model board?

Now days the waves are so much bigger and better than they were just a couple years ago. The waves have way more push now so I can ride a smaller board than before. The surf construction with the foam core and glass overlay gives the rider way more feel on the water than a compression molded board.

Which other wakesurf boards in the 2017 Liquid Force lineup are you most excited?

Probably the Dart. Liquid Force took one of the more fun boards in the lineup and made it even better for this year.

What is it like to see fellow Liquid Force rider Austin Keen get his own pro model board?

It is very cool to see Austin get his own pro model board. This a huge accomplishment and well deserved. He is an awesome dude. A very talented rider and original personality. He is a great ambassador for Liquid Force and the sport of wakesurfing. I haven't been able to ride the Keen yet but I can't wait to get on the water and try it out!

The Super Tramp is the board for you if...

You want to the ability to cruise or rip. Most importantly, you love to have fun on the water. The Super Tramp is the board for you if you are looking for a skim style board but still want some of that surfy feeling.

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