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2014 Supra Moomba Boats, Next Big Thing?

Skiers Choice has something special going in Tennessee. They continue to impress the Wakemakers team with new product innovations year after year. In 2012 the Supra SA and Moomba Mojo definitely reeled in previously lost market share. For 2014 a new line up of smaller boats is sure to grab an even larger chunk of the wake industry.

Supra's new 21 foot SC has the potential to complete on the same level as the Malibu VLX and Nautique G21. Without having stepped foot in the boat we can only assume but we have faith. Moomba's new 20 foot Mondo will have the same giant free board of the Mojo which will result in an amazing wakesurfing wake without the price tag of Malibu's VTX or Tige's RZR. Given what Shane and his crew were able to produce from scratch with the SA there is now doubt this next season's offering will be nothing short of spectacular.

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