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We've added Liquid Force Wakeboards for 2014, Check Them Out!

2014 Liquid Force Wakeboards, Bindings, and Accessories arrived at our warehouse earlier this week. We are stoked to finally get our hands (and feet) on the new product so we can start testing it out!

Here's a quick run-down of a few of my early season favorites from Liquid Force:

Cable Park Boards: Liquid Force is pushing their cable park/hybrid technology in 2014, and for good reason. There's a laundry-list of new features available in the 2014 models.

Nico's 2014 pro model stick is built for all-around performance in the park. Liquid Force went ahead and completely redesigned the Peak inside and out to include an all-wood core and a single concave center that transitions into a dual channel at the tip. This years board is also lighter and snappier off obstacles than last years model due to the new CNC Wood Core and Biax Glass Layup. 2012 Alliance Wake Rider Of The Year Raph Derome is ready for another year of domination in the park and on the screen. His 2014 pro model wakeboard features a triple-stringer hybrid core and LF Grind Base. The Raph is designed to slide smoothly on rails and boxes and land softly off of kickers.

Boat Boards: Gas up the G23 and strap into the latest wakeboard technology from Liquid Force.

One of the best-selling shapes of all time is back again for another season. The Watson wakeboard offers unbelievable pop and silky smooth landings behind the boat. If you are a wake-to-wake kind of rider the Watson packs a lot of bang for your buck. Harley Clifford's new pro model wakeboard is a rocket ship behind the boat. The simplest way to describe it is that it's smooth, fast, and ultra poppy! Make sure you pair it up with his 2014 pro model bindings for a pro model package for under $600. If Amber Wing has her name on it you know it's going to perform well behind the boat. The 2014 Wing wakeboard features explosive wake-to-wake capabilities that will put a smile on any aggressive riders face.

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