2002 MasterCraft X30 Ballast Upgrade For Wakesurfing

2002 MasterCraft X30 Ballast Upgrade For Wakesurfing

We have had a lot of fun behind the early model MasterCraft X30 wakeboard boats. Since 2002 was the first year that MasterCraft added Jabsco Ballast pumps, it is important that you confirm that the system does not have the older aerator pumps. We have run into a fair amount of early model 2002's with the older system which we do have a solution for as well.

If your boat has the Jabsco ballast pump system you will want to remove the above the floor hard tanks in the rear compartments. Replace them with either the 750 lb. Fly High Fat Sacs or the 1100 lb. Fly High Jumbo Surf sacs. If you opt for the larger bags you will not get close to that capacity. You should be able to optimize the space with the Fat Sacs just like in the picture above. We have a ballast upgrade kit specifically for the 2002 MasterCraft boats that comes with all hoses and fittings needed to make the switch. The process will only take you about 15 minutes.

If you upgrade the rear lockers you will want to get some more weight up front as well to counter balance the load. We suggest adding the Fly High Integrated bow sac under the front seats. We can tie it into your factory KGB center ballast system. That should give you a realistic 400 to 450 lbs. up there.

Let me explain what is going to happen when you make these simple changes. For one your wake will be bigger because you are displacing the hull deeper in the water. That is good but isn't everything. We want to build a great shape as well. When surfing you will fill the surf side and also add weight to the bow. This will give you a great wave with a ton of length. If you want the wave to be taller let a little water out of the bow. Your speed will probably go up to between 11 and 11.5 depending on how full the boat is. When wakeboarding you will want to fill the bow and KGB to 100%. The rear port bag should be filled to between 50% and 75% full and the starboard rear bag should be at around 50% capacity. This will give you a great distribution of weight and should create a very equal clean wake at between 65 and 75 feet back depending on how fast the rider likes to go.

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