Straight Line Super Sumo Pump

Straight Line Super Sumo Pump


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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Straight Line - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 2129079
Item # 21007


Compatible with Straight Line Big Bag and Sumo Bag ballast bags, the Super Sumo Pump offers up to 1,300GPH of water pumping capacity.


A special hIgher capacity version of the venerable Sumo Pump, the Straight Line Super Sumo Ballast Pump offers up to 1,300 GPH of capacity ensuring your ballast bags will be filled and drained as quickly as possible.

Filll and drain your Straight Line Sumo, Big Bag and Launch Pad wakeboard ballast bags at dizzying speeds with the Launch Pad Sumo wakeboard ballast pump. Rated at 1,300GPH, you'll be filling your bags at almost 120 pounds per minute! Even Launch Pad's 900 pound Sumo V Surf Sac won't stand a chance.

The Sumo pump features molded in LINK connections, which make attaching the pump a breeze, and ensure you won't spill any water in the boat thanks to the integral check valve system.

If you want to fill Launch Pad LINK equipped ballast bags as quickly as possible, look no further than the Sumo wakeboard ballast pump.

NOTE: Due to the proprietary fittings used on this ballast pump it should only be used to fill and drain Straight Line Big Bag and Sumo brand wakeboard ballast bags equipped with LINK fittings.

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  • 6/7/2016
    Excellent Ballast Design
    Richard Baker

    I had an extensive chat with the the customer service rep. I learned what products I would need to get my boat set up for getting down in the water. The ballast pump kit is one of the coolest items I plan on adding to my boat. I like the idea of a single dash switch to control the flow of water into and out of the ballast bags. I chose Straight Line because of their high quality and continued improvements.

  • 10/15/2015
    Super Sumo Pump
    William Brooks

    This pump is fast fill, fast empty. Quick connection to Straight Line ballast tanks. I use it for my Sumo Bow ballast bag and the long cord reaches to the drivers 12v location (Malibu VLX). With such a long hose with such a large I.D. a lot of water remains in the hose after the switch is thrown. As with most pumps you need to remember this each time you disconnect to avoid a lot of water draining inside the boat after disconnect. Very pleased with the super fast fill and drain.

  • 8/1/2015
    Fast and just what I needed
    Gil Orellana

    I love the fact that this works with some older bags. I came across some of my old launch pad bags and wanted to add some more ballast. The link valve is very convenient and easy to use. I have a tsunami pump but wanted to use the link Valve. I am thinking of getting the 600lb brostock bag and the pump will work great for it. One complain is the length of the cord besides that works awesome.

  • 8/1/2015
    Simple and fast
    Marc Bluford

    Highly recommend this product if you do not have a fixed system in your boat. Have only used 1 time so far and this pump is fast. I use it to full 2 X2 455gal bags.great product and price.

  • 7/6/2015
    Fast and great quality
    Julien Larouche

    Fills and drains super fast, sometime you have to suck up on pump to wake the water comes in but the pump is so great i don't care doing that some times. Very long cable and a huge difference between the cheaper model of sumo pump
    The pump is so awasome.
    Very fast shipping.

  • 7/5/2015
    Works perfectly
    Joel Wiseman

    I use this on my 450lb Bro Stock sack, I also got the adapter to fill and drain my Fly High sacks. Like what others have said the cord would be perfect if it was @ 5ft longer but works fine on my Moomba LSV.

  • 6/15/2015
    Fast and Simple
    Daniel Jarvis

    Fills and Drains even the bigger bags in minutes! Haven't had any priming issues, and the switch on the cord is a nice feature!

  • 5/29/2015
    Fills and Drains Fast
    Steve McIntosh

    I use this with my sumo 450. Quick to attach, quick to fill/drain. The long cord is appreciated as my only outlet is at my console. Excellent pump.

  • 4/17/2015
    Awesome pump worth the money
    Justin Rowlett

    This pump works great, love that it has an extra long cord with switch. Link fitting system is genius!

  • 9/1/2014

    These pumps work great!!

  • 4/28/2014
    Works Great

    Fits Sumo 750's. Fast, Flawless...

  • 10/13/2013
    Great Pump Needs Longer Cord

    After the hose on my standard Sumo Pump tore I ordered this as a replacement. Because my two 12v outlets are mounted in the glove box and near the throttle on my '12 MC X-30, I quickly realized that the cord was at least 3' shorter than the one on my standard pump. Thus, I could not pump or empty the bags in my back-most lockers. While the switch on this pump is nice, it's located closer to the plug end than the actual pump. No matter what you have to move to locate the switch and turn it on unless someone is helping you.

  • 5/5/2013
    12V Cig Lighter Outlets on a 2010 Axis

    In 2010 Axis' only came with one outlet, by the driver's right ankle. In 2009 and 2011 up, they were in numerous locations. Therefore, for a 2010 Axis, especially the 22 foot A22 model, you need a longer cord. Please see the Axis wake forums for further confirmation on the oversight by the factory.

  • 5/1/2013
    Needs a longer cord for an Axis A22

    So I bought this pump along with two straight line 900s for my 2010 Axis A22. On an Axis the cig
    Igniter power plug is by the drivers right ankle, underneath the throttle. However, that makes the cord just long enough to FILL the rear bags, and at has to be done over the starboard side vice the port, because the pump can't reach the waterline and reach the bag too. When trying to DRAIN, the cord won't even come close to allowing the pump to reach the LINK fitting on the top of the bag on either side. So, if you have an Axis like me, plan on spending another $5-$10 on some similar wiring at Lowes to lengthen your cord.

    WAKEMAKERS NOTE: There is another 12v power outlet near the cup holders on either side of the cabin. No need for a longer cord.

  • 4/25/2013
    on/off switch
    Chad R.

    Love this pump for the on/off switch. Instead of having one person watch the cigarette lighter adapter and one person on the sac. Now I can fill sacs with one person and not have to run back and forth from the sac and the plug in. Thank you Straight Line for making this a easy decision.

  • 2/25/2013
    Love the New Super Sumo Pump

    This pump is fast and now easier to use with the power switch. Fill's my sumo 900's really quick and it looks great. if you are buying SL bags buy this pump even if you are integrating. It's always good to have a back up.