Straight Line Sumo Max 675 Bow Ballast Bag (675 lbs)

2017 Straight Line Sumo Max 675 Bow Ballast Bag (675 lbs)


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  • Straight Line Sumo Max 675 Bow Bag & Max Flow Pump Combo (675 lbs.)
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    Straight Line Sumo Max 675 Bow Bag & Max Flow Pump Combo (675 lbs.)




Size 50"L x 44"W x 8"H
Weight 675 lbs.
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Straight Line - view brand page
Item # P3835


The Sumo Max 675 goes in the bow of your boat for a cleaner, more balanced wake.


Adding bow weight is very important in both wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Not only does it help create a bigger wake, but also helps create the desired shape for best results. Compatible with SL's Max Flow Pump rated at 4,250GPH, filling/draining this bag will only take a matter of minutes.

Straight Line Max Flow Pump

Straight Line Sumo Max Flow Pump

The quickest pump on the market, fill/drain your ballast at a whopping 4250 GPH. That is over 200 pounds per minute!

Straight Line 1

Straight Line Sumo Max 1" NPT Valves

A new easy turning cap with a perfect water tight seal. Pressure tested up to 6 PSI. The 1” NPT ports allow built in ballast systems to fill, drain and vent quickly for hassle free operation.

Straight Line Sumo Skin

Straight Line Sumo Skin 1000D

SUMO Sacs are made with a flexible and puncture-resistant fabric, “Sumo Skin.” This construction is 150% stronger in tearing tests and 37% higher in tensile strength than other competing brands (Eight.3 and Fly High).

Straight Line Sumo Max Link Valve

Straight Line Sumo Max Link Valve

Straight Line's new Sumo Max Flow valve is a new 1 ½ Inch diameter high flow version of the Sumo Link system. The SUMO Max Flow valve provides the same hassle free watertight connection to your Sumo Pump but with massive 50% LARGER intake.

Straight Line Sumo Seams

Straight Line Sumo Seams

Every Sumo sac is double welded to ensure a watertight seal. The tough Sumo Skin is overlapped and hot air welded. You can see the smooth and clean seams on the outside of every bag, and a second welding operation applies an inch wide sealing tape to the inside of every seam.

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  • 7/7/2017
    With the sumo max pump - perfect
    Adam Tabor

    I bought this with the sumo max pump. Fills in minutes and its plenty enough weight to let me easily dunk the bow underwater when crossing rollers.

    This bag really helps with surfing to lengthen the wave - and for wakeboarding to help the boat get on plane easier.

  • 6/6/2017
    Nice bag, poor drain port placement
    Noel Louthan

    Boat: 2006 Wakesetter VLX

    I mounted a reversible pump and got this bag to have a semi-automatic front ballast system. The bag itself is nice and if used with a Sumo Max Pro pump, it's probably great. The issue I have with the bag is the location of the drain ports. They aren't mounted low enough on the bag in order to drain out all of the water and because they're in the corners (as opposed to the middle), the hose connection gets smashed into the corners of the open bow.