WakeMAKERS Premium Plug-and-Wake Reversible Ballast Pump

WakeMAKERS Premium Plug-and-Wake Reversible Ballast Pump
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Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # M10111
Item # M10111


Quite simply, this is the best reversible ballast pump on the market, fill/drain at 780GPH.


From the beginning, our goal was to offer the fastest, most durable and easiest to install reversible ballast pump on the market. The result is our Premium FIP ballast pump, which offers 12GPM of flow, an industry leading 2 year warranty, and when combined with our Premium Reversible Pump Wiring Harness, is the easiest to install.

Includes standard polyurethane impeller for superior performance and unparalleled resistance to run-dry damage.

Physical Dimensions: 3.54" H x 4.72" W x 7.95" L

Performance: 780 Gallons Per Hour / 12 Gallons Per Minute

Self-priming: Yes

Safety Features: Ignition Protected

Warranty: 2 year

  • Run-Dry Protection: The integrated Run-Dry Protection circuit monitors the current draw of the pump and automatically shuts it off if conditions indicate water is no longer flowing through the pump. This innovative feature can help minimize damage to the impeller.
  • The ignition protected design makes this pump suitable for installation in the bilge compartment of the boat without risk of fire or explosion due to fuel vapors. This feature alone is crucial for safe operation, and is one important distinguishing factor between the Ballast Puppy and the Simer pump to which it is often compared.
Plug-and-Wake Wiring

Plug-and-Wake Compatible

Plug-and-Wake is a wiring system exclusive to WakeMAKERS that takes the guess work out of installing electrical accessories in your boat. No knowledge required, just plug compatible components together like you plug in a light. Connections are secure, vibration-proof and weather resistant. Save time and eliminate mistakes.

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  • 6/13/2016
    Errol Nichols

    After 5 season of the Tsunamis I went with this pump and bought the wiring harness as well. I did it for the ease of plugging them in and not having to think about making a wiring harness and such. Being a bit challenged doing this stuff I knew I was going to be doing good just to figure out how to mount the pump and where to run wires not to mention the plumbing! If you need or looking for easy electrical this it. Just be sure and get the Ballast Rocker Switch Mounting Panel too.
    Lake Oconee GA
    2010 Malibu VLX