At WakeMAKERS, we take great pride in the products that we sell. We understand that your new purchase might require additional support, which is why each new product comes with a manufacturer's warranty (unless otherwise specified). While warranty periods may vary depending on the product purchased, most of the brands we work with guarantee at least one year of protection from any defects in material or workmanship.

Should you need to file a claim, WakeMAKERS will act as the mediator between you and the manufacturer to ensure that everything goes smoothly. In the end, the manufacturer will make any and all warranty decisions.

There are some manufacturers that will handle warranty claims directly with the consumer, eliminating the authorized dealer (WakeMAKERS) as the middleman through the process.
Either way, you can rest assured that you are covered for as long as your product is still under warranty.

Here are a few things that are NOT covered by warranty:

  • Normal wear resulting from standard usage that occurs over time. (chipped top sheet from placing boards in racks, sun fading, etc)
  • Damage resulting from contact with objects. (Docks, stumps, rocks, little kids, etc, etc.)
  • Damage to product resulting from improper care or unnecessary roughness. (jamming tip/tail into the rear of the boat, product flying off of racks, etc)
  • Parts, hardware, and accessories that were lost or have gone missing AFTER receiving your shipment.
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