O'Neill Boost Drysuit

O'Neill Boost Drysuit
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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer O'Neill - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 2054
Item # 147002


Stay warm. Stay dry. Stay comfortable. The O’Neill Boost is the ultimate drysuit for coldwater riding. That is why it continues its reign as the best selling watersports drysuit in the world.


Do you want to extend your boating season or maybe even keep it going 365 days a year? Of course you do! You need the O’Neill Boost Drysuit. Coldwater riding is amazing when you have the right gear. Keep riding after everyone has put everyone has put their boats away thanks to the O’Neill Boost Drysuit.

The O’Neill Boost is the ultimate in drysuit technology. It all starts with the trilaminate nylon shell material that is extremely strong and resistant to punctures. Weighing in at just 300 grams per sq. meter, this is undoubtedly one of the lightest drysuits on the market. The fit is similar to that of a jumpsuit or baggy pants and jacket. This added room gives you a comfortable fit, full range of motion, and lots of room for layering clothes underneath.

The Boost is 100% waterproof and is built to withstand the test of time. O'Neill goes the extra step and fully tapes all of the seams with a special waterproof tape which is added to the inside of all the seams. Jump into the water confidently knowing that your clothes underneath won’t get wet and cold. The SmoothSkin Dry Neck Seal that is very comfortable and doesn’t cause chafing like the latex neck seal on most other drysuits. Both the wrist and ankle latex seals are nearly 2x as thick as competitor’s drysuits, ensuring a watertight fit and added durability. Built into the drysuit are adjustable suspenders that allow the rider to easily adjust the overall fit of the drysuit. The added versatility from the adjustable suspenders makes the Boost a popular option for those that will have multiple riders using the same drysuit.

Getting in/out of it is no problem thanks to the heavy-duty zipper on the back of the wetsuit that goes from shoulder to shoulder. The back zipper design is far more popular than a chest zipper as it stays out of the way while riding and allows for greater mobility. It is possible to zip and unzip the drysuit by yourself but we recommend having a friend help you out if possible.

Specifically designed for watersports use, the O’Neill Boost is used by waterskiers, wakeboarders, and wakesurfers worldwide for once the water temps begin to plummet.

NOTE: All Boost drysuits have a Limited 1-Year Warranty. If you have any issues with the seals or breathable nylon membrane they will repair or replace your drysuit free of charge.

Key Features

  • -300g Trilaminate Nylon
  • -Waterproof Horizontal Back Zip
  • -100% Waterproof Taped Seams
  • -Smoothskin Dry Neck Seal
  • -Integrated Suspenders
  • -Breathable, Loose Fit for Layering and Increased Warmth
Oneill Boost Drysuit

Three Layer Full Nylon Ripstop Material

Extremely durable and 100% waterproof, the O’Neill Boost is built to perform and last many years thanks to its trilaminate full nylon ripstop material. The latex on the seals of the drysuit are twice as thick as competitor’s drysuits, ensuring a watertight seal around your hands and feet.

O’Neill Boost Drysuit

Heavy Duty Back Zipper

Getting in and out of the O’Neill Boost is no problem thanks to the heavy duty zipper on the back of the drysuit. This design is far more popular than a chest zipper as it stays out of the way while riding and provides greater mobility. It is possible to zip/unzip by yourself but we recommend having a friend help out.

O’Neill Boost Drysuit

Fully Integrated Suspenders

The fully integrated suspenders on the O’Neill Boost make adjusting the overall fit a quick, easy process. Layer up under the O’Neill Boost Drysuit with your favorite cold water riding gear to stay warm and ride longer.

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  • 10/16/2017
    9 year old
    Agan Alkan

    I ordered XS for my 9 year old boy. He is 4’7” and about 70 pounds. I was told it would be too big. The suit is a little big however it still performed as it should. No water at all except around his boots. I realized that I should have pulled the seals up on his ankle some to get it to seal better. So overall it was well worth the price!

  • 11/24/2016
    Great suit but lacking a few small things
    Nancy Rubinstin

    This is my first drysuit and it came recommended by several people. When I opened the box I was disappointed to find that O'neil sent no information. Nothing about how to store it to the best way to put it on. After 2 uses the neck is a big problem. as a women I bought an XS, which is actually a little too big, but my helmet size is a Large or XL. This makes putting the neck on painful. I now use a silicone bathing cap which helps a little. Even though it is this tight it still leaks if I take a spill.

  • 11/3/2016
    Great Suit!
    Sheila Mancuso

    I have owned a Boost Drysuit for several years now and absolutely love it!!! Here in the Northeast it gets pretty cold pretty fast and I'm a wimp about cold water. I can put several layers under this suit and still move. It is thicker than some of the other brands making it much stronger without paying an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, mine has to go in for repairs as it is leaking in a couple of spots on the seams but, this is after several years of use so...well worth the $$$.

  • 6/4/2015
    Perfect for early watersports
    Ryan Stratton

    My wife and boys love the drysuit. It goes on easy and fits a wide range of individuals. Has kept them warm and dry and they are staying out on the water longer. They wish that they had this way before this year.

  • 4/30/2015
    Water Skiing in my street cloth's!!!
    Kevin Yardley

    I have to admit I was nervous when I told my friends that I was going water skiing in my street cloths. They told me I was crazy, but I had to find out if this is really a 5 star suit. I went slalom skiing on a local lake yesterday and the water temp was in the low 40's. This suit rocks! My feet and hands were purple and cold, but my body was warm and dry! I didn't get a single drop of water on my shirt or Levis! The suit was full of air and I felt like the Sta Puff Marshmallow man. I looked like the Good Year blimp floating on the water. When I was skiing it felt like the air was out of the suit. I will try bleeding the air out of the neck next time and see if that makes a difference. The is definitely a 5 star suit! I love it!

  • 4/13/2015
    Great Suit
    Matt Miller

    This suits zipper is super tough and the neck seal is so much more comfortable than my old suit with the rubber seal. I also really like the built in suspenders to hold it up when half off. I'll be looking forward to those cold windy days on the water now!

  • 4/6/2015
    frank siepker jr

    My first drys it so, nothing to compare it to, but this works great for keeping warm and dry in cold water and weather. Used it last week at first ice out. Wake boarding and wake surfing in 34 degree air and 42 degree water. Kept warm and dry. Only the people in the boat were complaining about the cold! Love it!

  • 3/27/2015
    Very good product. Highly recommend this product.
    Jason Zamagni

    I bought this last fall and have worn it a bunch of times. This is very well made. It's not made of cheap materials and that's why you cant find it for a cheap price. Watersports in cold water is not an issue at all. In 50F degree water on a 60F day, you will feel warm after a few minutes of riding in one of these. Sometimes if you have a decent spill it will leak a little water into the neck or wrist area, but its just a little bit. Plenty of room to wear a comp vest under the drysuit so everything stays dry. The only downside is that the neck is really tight. It doesn't bother me but I know my wife could never wear one. I'm 6'1" 173lbs and I have size L it its got a lot of room to move in.

  • 11/13/2013
    One Size Fits All Family Members

    We bought a size large dry suit at our Malibu dealer last fall in order to extend our season into November. I am 6' 1" 205 lbs, my wife is 5' 7" 150'ish lbs and our oldest son is 5' 5" 145. We decided since we were going to test the water when it comes to riding in the off season why not try to get everyone in a singe suit. Well it worked.

    We all are able to use the the large size. The tight neck closure doesn't bother me. My wife says it is a little restricting but it keeps her completely dry so at the end of the day there are no complaints.

    I just purchased a smaller size so the rest of our family and friends can have fun too. This is a must for every boater that wants to make the most of their season. Stay on the water longer.

  • 11/12/2013
    Boost is the best Drysuit made

    Cannot say enough good things about the quality and construction of the boost dry suit. From the neck seal to the zipper this suit will keep you dry. The material does work as a wind stop which comes in handy when it is snowing and blowing on the water. You will not go wrong spending the money on the Oneill boost.