Mission DELTA Universal Wakesurf Device

Mission DELTA Universal Wakesurf Device


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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Mission - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # Surf-015
Item # S14164


Create a better surf wake behind your current boat. The DELTA Universal Wakesurf Device is an aftermarket product delivering modern wakesurf technology to older model boats.


MISSION Boat Gear's Delta is the latest and greatest aftermarket wakesurf device to hit the market. Easily removable, it easily attaches to nearly any inboard boat to instantly create a bigger, better surf wake.

Note: This surf device previously included an attachable leash. We recommend not using it as it causes the device to bounce back and hit the boat in the case of it falling off. The device floats so no worries.

MISSION Delta Dimensions

MISSION Delta Dimensions

  • -Height: 9.8”
  • -Suction Cup Mounting Surface: 13” x 5”
  • -Suction Cup Diameter: 4.5”
  • -Surf Panel: 6.8” x 9.8”

Switch surf sides instantly

Easily Switch Sides

The Mission DELTA uses oversized industrial suction cups to grip the side of the boat, and provides plenty of holding power to stay attached while at wakesurfing speeds.

Easily deploy or switch sides in seconds and remove without leaving a trace. The suction cups are designed to accommodate the curved surfaces, slight transitions, and thinner flat decals on your boat.

Evenly Weight Your Boat

Evenly Weight Your Boat

The ability to evenly weight your boat allows passengers to sit freely throughout the boat. Gone are the days of piling everyone uncomfortably on one side of the boat. No longer needing to list the boat to one side creates a much easier ride for the driver and everyone else on board.

Change the Shape of your Wave

Change the Shape of Your Wave

Position the DELTA in the right zone for optimum wave performance. Bias the boat's ballast back toward the stern to increase the wave height. OR move that ballast more forward toward the bow to get a mellow wave with a smoother transition, ideal for riding a skim board.

Mission DELTA installed on opposite side

Install on Opposite Side

Simply install the Mission DELTA on the opposite side of the boat to create a big, well shaped wave for surfing. The DELTA works by mechanically forcing the boat into the correct position to make the best surf wave, so it is always installed on the non-surf side of the boat. Switch between regular and goofy riders in a matter of seconds by simply swapping the side the DELTA is installed on.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

WakeMAKERS Exclusive 30-Day Performance Guarantee

Does it work on my boat? How can something so small make such a big difference? What will my new and improved wave look like? All of these questions and more are answered with our exclusive performance guarantee, which gives you 30 days from the date of purchase to get out on the water and try it out yourself.

Yes, there is some fine print, click here for full details.

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  • 10/13/2017
    Finally a perfect surf Wake!
    Ryan Mcelroy

    Own a 2016 sanger matrix 212sl. Surf wake for a 20' boat was decent when ballasted surf side full 1750lbs and non surf side with 800lbs with both surf tabs all the way up. I wanted a taller surf wake which meant I needed to fill all factory ballasts putting me just under 4000lbs of ballast. All this weight makes the wake huge/tall but with tons of white water. I even tried puts with an extra 1200lbs (total 5200lbs ballast) in front bow still tons of white water. My factors surf tabs wouldn't even help. I finally broke down and bought the mission delta suction cup wake gate. Made sure I followed all instructions. I placed wake gate while the boat is at rest fully ballasted half in water half out. Just as promised effortlessly done a tall and long perfect surf wake! I am spreading the great word rapidly. No issues with suction cups at all. Waters force and I could not remove the mission delta when secured :)

  • 10/3/2017
    Nice Wake, Weak Tether
    paul salzetta

    Attached the Mission to my MC X 25 with the Gen 2 system and actually improved the wake! Made it a little fuller and longer. Tried it without the trim tabs and it worked pretty well too. At first I didn't think it would work because on tilt the tire side of the hull is out of water so nowhere to attach it. I eventually decided to try attaching it to the submerged bottom of the hull which turns out works just fine.

    The weak link however is the tether! The second time I used it the device detached and the solid part of the cord above the coiled section snapped. It was lost before we realized it. For such an expensive toy I would wait for a stronger tether before buying another.

  • 9/5/2017
    Skeptical going in . . . Works great! Unexpected benefits too!
    Rob Bell

    I own a 2006 Super Air Nautique 220. After years of surfing behind it and constantly tweaking the wake, I was satisfied, but also a little frustrated. We could always get a decent wake (steep, but a small sweet spot), but people had to sit in the right spot, it took time to load after-market ballast, and I hated driving with the boat leaning all the time. Let alone if we had someone who had to ride goofy. I think my wife was ready to kill me for being so anal about insisting people sit in certain spots on the boat (nobody rides in the bow! And I mean nobody!). Then, along came the wake wedges.

    I was skeptical to say the least. How could something so small affect the wake in a meaningful way? Yet, I kept reading reviews that said they worked. My son tried to get me to purchase one of the wedges that was huge and velcroed to the side of the boat. I couldn't stand the idea of Velcro on our boat, let alone having to make it stick in the water. I came up on the Mission Delta, and thought I'd give it a try. What's a few hundred bucks, anyway?

    Well, suffice to say that I am impressed. Before ordering, I thought these things worked by pushing the boat sideways or something to that effect. That's not it at all. What they do is disrupt the smooth flow of water down one side of the boat so that the wake on that side collapses, leaving the wake on the other side smoother and longer. It's hard to explain, but pretty obvious when you get it working.

    I have seen two big benefits to it on our boat. 0) The unexpected benefit-- The pocket cleans up right away. I don't have to overload the ballast anymore so the boat looks like the stern is sinking. This means the prop doesn't cavitate and the engine works less. The wake cleans up right away, which means a surfer can get right to work, rather than the boat laboring for so long to find speed and clean up. 1) The "pocket" is much longer. I'd say you can probably go back another 8' or so and still catch the wave. 2) The wake is smoother-- it's just as high but that height is spread over a longer distance (and pushier), making for a big area to cut and surf, and some fast approaches to the boat. 3) You can drive straight and not have to do those big circles all the time!
    4) It is much easier to keep peace on the boat as people can literally sit anywhere they want. Just roughly balance them out. No more everyone to the left side and nobody up front stuff. 5) Easy to install and switch for goofy riders. We have only had the Mission Delta come loose when I forgot it was there and went to full speed. Even then, it usually stays on and you notice when you see the big rooster tail.

    I know it sounds good to be true, but it really works. Yes, it's a little pricey, but I look at that as the price of ingenuity. I don't have a problem paying $400 for a device that eliminated my need to spend $40,000 or more to upgrade my boat.

    I wouldn't have believed the hype either until I got this thing and had a chance to use it a few times (you do have to figure out the depth for it-- initially we put it too deep and it didn't do much. Once we got it so that it was just underwater when at surf speed, it was awesome).

  • 8/20/2017
    Not a gimmick, this thing actually works!!!!!
    Lanny Holm

    Loaded the boat down with the factory ballast, then added 1600lbs. Practiced shifting weight around, and never was happy. Wave continued to crumble, and wasn't clean. A friend of ours suggested even out the weight and throw the Mission Delta Wakesurf Device on. I was super skeptical, threw it on and it was like magic. Wake was huge and clean. This was while we were on vacation! Next day we drove to Bend, and picked one up at WakeMakers! This thing is legit!!! Now we have a huge, clean surf wake!

  • 8/14/2017
    Tige 2010 RZ4 - Works Amazeballz
    Brian Hamstra

    1140 lbs each side in the rear, "some" in the front. No list, no moving people around, no filling/draining. Just huge wave with huge pocket. I'm 260lbs and the wave generated has what feels like a 10 foot long pocket. Obviously everybody knows this thing works but I wanted to let other know with an RZ4 that it really kicks tail on this boat. Put it where the paddle is directly underneath the "I" in Tige as high up to the emblem as you can. No messing around with placement needed at all after that. I was anxious about spending 4 bills on something that might give me a slightly better wave or help me list the boat less. Dont be worried, it gets you a huge wave with a dramatic difference. This isn't a bandaid to mask a problem. Its a magic wand for your boat.

  • 8/12/2017
    Excellent Customer Support
    Gilbert Parra

    Left a previous review but thought this was worth mentioning.... one of my levers broke recently. Mission informed me that they upgraded the design since my purchase and immediately sent me two brand new levers. They were friendly and cared about getting me back going. I was impressed by their service. Good company!

  • 8/10/2017
    Makes a great wake!
    Robert Bradshaw

    I have a 2008 Malibu Wakesetter VTX, and given the year, I have no surf gate. I added two 600lbs fat sacks in the back lockers, from WakeMakers. The only surfing I could successfully get working was the left side and I had to list the heck out of the boat and make everyone sit on the left side of the boat, Including the driver. Got this Mission Delta product, and now I evenly load my boat and get spectacular wakes on both sides. I can now surf on the right side, and being goofy, that makes me very happy. Also, I can go from wake boarding, then drop the wedge and stick on the Mission Delta and the surfing setup is done before the surfer is ready. I don't normal write reviews, but I had to for this product. Transformed the surf experience for me. Wish I could add a picture just to show how good it is.

  • 8/8/2017
    Game changer
    john stavrakis

    First day out and so far we love it. Easy to use/set up. Strong attachment. Great wave!

  • 7/27/2017
    Bingo, we have a winner!!!!
    Keith Ivie

    2002 Mastercraft X30 & 2008 Moomba XLV; We tried the Ronix XL Wedge on both boats. We fought the Velcro, shims, and placements for days without reliable success. The DELTA MISSION was/is the solution. With very little experimentation we got both boats to produce nice clean waves with tons of push, all things considered. The Delta "never" came off either boat unless we took it off. Both boats had equal Ballast 60% rear & 40% front (approx. 2000 lbs in MC and 2500 lbs in Moomba). Surfing between 10 & 12 mph depending on personal choice. In Short, the Delta has made our boats surf 200% better than without. It's easy to use, big returns on small investment, and it "stays" on the boat! Thanks to WAVEMAKERS for all the Ballast Improvements, Propellers, Shapers, Toys/Equipment, and "Johnny-on-the-spot" service, shipping, & help.

  • 7/21/2017
    Great wave
    Brad Rhoad

    2005 Calabria Pro-V
    Big difference than just using ballasts. Finally have a great wave without having the boat on a major tilt. I use the internal ballest 350lbs each side and 750lb fat sack on surf side. Has never came off even when we forgot to remove and reached 20mph.

  • 7/20/2017
    Functionality at it's finest.
    Jason Mackey

    2006 MasterCraft X-10 with 2,100 pounds of ballast and a new 15" prop from the 13.7 that it came with. Having a sizable wave to surf from is great. Having a clean wave is even better. The best thing about the Delta is it can be moved to suit the wave you want. Moving it forward pushed the clean part of the wave further back and made it a shorter wave for the youngsters. Moving it back and just below the Hull seam (2 inches below the waterline when surfing) made the wave approximately 3 feet tall with a great clean surfable swell from 5 feet back to about 15 feet back from the swim deck.

    I can't blame wake makers for making a profit but, the manufacturer is gouging consumers. Make it affordable to all and I would rate it 5 stars.

  • 7/5/2017
    Impressed with delta
    Duran Justavino

    Used on my 2013 moomba mobius lsv. Was concerned with the taper at the back off hull and the large vinyl graphic would keep delta from working, but was pleasantly suprised. Much easier to setup than I anticipated. Only came off once in two trip to the lake on very rough days, due to poor placement on vinyl graphic. Listed boat to surf side with people, full 750 rear , stock center plus 500ibs full. Wake was clean and added another 2-3 foot of surfable wave. Only negative so far is that the delta seemed to slide back from original placement over time.

  • 6/25/2017
    Mission Delta rocks!
    Joseph Mazzenga

    I've had my boat 10 years; 2002 Mastercraft X10 upgraded ballast. 2-750 pounds rear lockers stock center at 200 but adder the overflow 450 to front and still crappy! I never thought I would get a good surf wave and just about gave up. Purchased the Mission Delta along with a new Acme 14x14.25 prop as I was due. I was a little sceptical as I heard and seen bad reviews for my boat. Well they were obviously knuckleheads!. I did however reverse it to get it further back but, WOW 30 minutes on the water and ripping an awesome surf wave. no need to spend a 100K!!! great job guys

  • 6/23/2017
    Great Results
    Derek Fairchild

    For what it is, this provides a great wave in an evenly weighted boat. It takes some time playing with weighting to get a good and consistent wave but worth every penny.

  • 6/20/2017
    Simple to use - big results
    Kevin Wooten

    I just tried out the Delta on a 2004 Malibu Wakesetter. Easy set-up, loaded up both tanks and got a great wake to surf on. Much easier to switch sides. Only been out twice with it but so far it's performs exactly as advertised.

  • 6/9/2017
    No more weighting one side of boat
    Brooks DeLaney

    I have a 2011 200V Sport Nautique, and have previously surfed by massively loading one side of the boat. I now equally weight the boat (still adding about 1,000 lbs beyond factory ballast), and this device creates a better and longer surf wave. Makes boat much easier to handle as well since it is no longer listing one way or the other. Wish I had bought it sooner.

  • 6/7/2017
    A no-brainer for pre-gate Malibu
    Chris Curren

    I've been a ballast tweaker ever since purchasing our 2010 Malibu V-Ride. After installing an integrated aftermarket bag in my Surfside locker and fiddling with small and larger bags on top of seats, we got a great wave. Unfortunately, that wave takes time to fill bags, takes up valuable interior space (depending on number of riders) and is not great for goofy riders.

    So, after reading for a few years about aftermarket wedges I bought this one

    We have surfed on 3 separate occasions and this product is amazing. We filled rear tanks equally and center. Installed the Mission using the diagrams and our Malibu decal as a guide and poof - it produced an amazingly wide and deep wave. Best wave I have ever surfed by a long shot (as an old guy).

    Highly recommend this if you are a pre Surf Gate Malibu owner and anyone looking for a simpler, quicker path to a great surf wave.

  • 5/26/2017
    Incredible difference,awesome!
    elliott Gatehouse

    We purchased for our 2007 moomba outback v, and weren't sure what to expect. All reviews we read said it was great and well worth it. I was skeptical but wholeheartedly agree that the device works wonders. Instantly improved the quality of the wave. I recommend to anyone that wants to upgrade their older boat.

  • 5/5/2017
    Perfect Wave In Seconds
    Lau Yun Lung

    This is the a premium product easy to use and set up! Fill all balast equally and switch sides in seconds using with the easy to use suction cups, makes for perfect wake shape for both regular and goofy. No more waiting around to switch balast! Like other wake shapers no adhesive products on your boat!

  • 4/26/2017
    Transformed my wake to perfection!
    Jeremy Monge

    Great product and easy to use! made a huge difference on my wake!

  • 9/26/2016
    Great wave, easy to use & sleek design!!
    James Kelton

    Easy to use, sleek design and big wave!!
    At first I had all but given up on trying to surf behind my 2001 Malibu wakesetter (diamond hull - v-drive) even with over 1600 lbs in the back and 400lbs in the middle (no wedge). Then I did some research and was hesitant about sticking velcro down the side of my boat, but soon discovered the Mission Delta and promtly ordered mine from WakeMakers. Carefully read the instruction and spent a bit of time finding the sweet spot and we were surfing in no time. The wave was huge and had plenty of push. I had people coming over to me in the river and asking what I was using. Definitely worth the investment, couldn't be any more happy with it. BIG thanks to wakemakers for there awesome support and quick shipping to me out here in Australia.
    Cheers guys.

  • 9/18/2016
    Amazing wake, saved me from spending $80,000 On a new boat!
    Chris Bockelman

    I have a 2004 Centurion Avalanche 800lbs center ballast tank 750lbs on either side in rear this. Product is Just awesome. It lengthened my wave made it cleaner and bigger. I couldn't be happier with this product. I was slightly skeptical about how well the suction cups would hold but to no surprise they hold very well. There are similar products out there that have suction cups and claim to do the same thing as this but most of them don't float. all it takes is one time loosing one of those cheaper versions and you could have owned A Delta Mission for the same price of two, and most of them don't come with a tether like the Delta does. I love the fact it is easy to switch surf side in a mater of seconds rather than spending 15-30 minuets filling and draining ballast, and shifting people from side to side.

    Its nice no longer listing the boat to one side it creates better drivability and handling and is less sketchy to drive the boat. The only bad thing is with all the ballast loaded in the boat there is a definite notice in power loss. but easily fixable with an UPGRADED prop. all and all I'm very pleased with this product and recommend it to any one who wants to surf with their boat without spending a lot of money

  • 9/14/2016
    08 MC X15 - No Go
    Mark Banister

    Was excited to receive Delta unit as I was tired of filling my extra in-boat bag with my pump (all bought from Wakemakers btw!), but after receiving and installing (which is super easy and suction cups work great), just couldn't get it to seat into the water as required due to the hull lines on my MC boat.

    Tried and tried to get it right, but even with center and rear hard tanks (450# x 3) and bags (#600 x 2) full, the wave cleaned up a bit, but no push. Even added my extra 600# bag centered in the back seat (which is what I was trying to avoid), and still couldn't dial it in (returned the item). Big bummer.

    Also, as good as the customer service is at Wakemakers, I was a bit disappointed that they told me that it would work when I asked before purchasing. Do what you can to ensure that the unit will seat at or below the waterline with ballast full and balanced.

    WakeMAKERS.com Response: Mark- Thanks for your feedback. We have had good success with the X15, so something sounds a little off. One of our product experts will be in touch with you this week to discus the situation.

  • 9/13/2016
    Extremely and pleasently surprised and satisfied
    Eduardo Acosta

    Like many of the reviews, I was very skeptical about the size of the product once I actually had it in my hands. Also was questioning how well the suction cups would actually hold up to real use. Well, those doubts went out the window once I used it. I have a 2002 Super Air Nautique which I thought had a decent wave (just a pain moving the weight around). This product not only made the wave bigger (with an evenly weighted boat) but so much cleaner and longer. The ease of moving the device from one side to the other is great and with the suction cups you can really play with the location which will affect the wave, some minor movements can make a big difference. The device has not come loose once. The suction cups really hold up. If the price is the only thing keeping away from buying this product, I think it is well worth it. Will see how it holds up to years of use. But in the 3 weekends that I have use it, I will tell you I have gotten my moneys worth of really fun surfing for everyone.

  • 9/12/2016
    Good wake, poor materials
    Lionel Longson

    Product does make a noticeable difference on the wake. However manufacturing is cheap,. The forward "wake shapers" cracked about 1/3 way down the middle and broke off with in 5 uses. The same weekend the attachment cord also broke and we lost the whole device. Their response was a crappy 15% off my next purchase. If you do buy one, be sure to attach your own leash, as the one from the manufacturer breaks easily.

    WakeMAKERS.com Response: Lionel- Thank you for your feedback, I'm sorry that your experience with the DELTA was marred by the quality issues you described. Someone from our customer success team will be following up with you this week.

  • 9/3/2016
    Justin Deutsch

    After hours of research on aftermarket "wake-shapers", I had all but decided to forego attaching a block of foam with velcro and just upgrade the boat. Then I found Mission on a Nautique forum and was intrigued by the delta system. I contacted them numerous times and patiently waited for a video of my style of boat. After a few months, I ordered the Delta from wakemakers on the second round of shipment. I requested to get the delta in the last week of June to be ready for the long 4th of July weekend and they delivered! What a difference! Longer wake with 10 times more push. We used to ride 3-8 ft behind the boat and had so much weight that the water would be coming over the rub rail. Now the wake is twice as long and a little flatter, which helps keep you in the pocket. I just load up even, my passengers can sit where they want, and surfing is everyone's new favorite sport!

  • 8/31/2016
    07 210 SAN 2100lbs of ballast
    scott hurd

    This thing grew my surf wake by 5 feet in length. My sweet spot just got super sweet. I was sceptical at first, like I'm sure you are, but after the first use I was all smiles! A bit pricey, but money well spent if you need a better surf wake! I'll keep give it four stars only because of the price.

  • 8/29/2016
    Yes it is an awesome product!
    Jeff Schoenling

    2008 Mastercraft X-Star. All stock ballasts full, 10.2 mph, 600 lb sumo sac in port locker, 450 lb sumo sac in starboard locker with the mission delta on the starboard side and now we have a perfect surf wake. Keep the weight distributed evenly when you have more passengers and the wave stays perfect. Incredible product !

  • 8/28/2016
    Absolutely amazing wake!!
    Mac Lomax

    I was nervous about dropping $500 on this; I mean it's a piece of plastic with suction cups! But based on the other costumer reviews and the webinar they had on YouTube I decided to give it a try. I have spent the last 4 days demoing it on my 2001 mastercraft x10 and it is worth every penny!! My buddies and I all have different riding styles but unanimously everyone agreed the wake and the curl far exceeded expectations and gave each rider a fast moving sweet spot. I can not say enough, it's a must have if your boat doesn't have wake gates built in. Absolutely awesome product!! (I am going to upload a YouTube video in support, that's how stocked I am about this). I literally want other people to see the difference it makes

  • 8/25/2016
    2002 Ski-Centurion elite-v Hurricane
    Tony SanFilippo

    I have played with this for two weekends in a row and just can't seem to get a good wake on my right side. On the left it does make it longer and shortens it so you may want more ballast with it. I have 2350 lbs. now. It does help on my boat, but not as much as I would like.

  • 8/18/2016
    Mission Dellta on 2007 Nautique 211 Team
    Steven Waxenbaum

    It is rare that anything I purchase exceeds my expectations but the Mission Delta really works. Wakes on both sides are larger, longer and much cleaner. No more need to sit everyone on the same side of boat and no more waiting to fill/empty tanks to change sides. This thing works great and I highly recommend this for anyone wth an older wakeboard boat.

  • 8/11/2016
    Do not waste time with Velcro!
    Jeremy Sykes

    Would highly recommend this product to anyone! We have a 03 wakesetter VLX with 750 lb bags in the rear and a 300 lb in the centre locker, we had what we thought was a decent surf wake, but we got on our friends newer wake setter with surf gate and the surf wake was night and day difference. I went online right after and did some research and came across the mission delta, I bought a new 650 lb sack for the bow of the boat and the mission delta. A small price compared to buying a new wake setter I might add..There was a wicked storm blowing in on the Tuesday afternoon that we were out at the lake but that wouldn't stop us from trying out the delta. The first time I got the boat up to speed I was smiling ear to ear. This product changed the sharp and length of the surf wake. We were able to get one surf in on each side of the boat before we were hit with a torrential down pour... So worth it. I will be taking my delta around to all the boats on our lake and showing everyone what a difference the delta makes. I had no issues at all with it falling off.

  • 8/3/2016
    Not Quite...
    Cameron McRae

    At first we were using the Delta all wrong - with the boat fully listed as usual. There were some positive changes to the wake but nothing earth shattering. And then we did some research and realized that an unlisted boat was advised. We played with that this morning and on our Tige RZ2 with the rear sacks full (2300 lbs) we couldn't get up to speed. So we kept dropping weight until we could but the wake was small. More research and trial and error lead us to have surfside full and offside half full. This produced a nice long wave with lots of push. We're still experimenting and optimistic but the dream of the 30 second swap is dead for now. At the same time we are very happy with the wave for now.

    A tethering tip is to use something on the stern of the hull of the boat. The suction cups don't always hold (this seems to improve with practice though) and if you tether it there it won't fly back into the passenger area.

  • 8/2/2016
    Great all around. Just 1 issue
    Rusty Barras

    I tired all season to get my wake tuned right using some homemade rigs like velcroed ramps and such. 2nd outing using the delta we got it dialed in! This thing is strong and super portable. It even floats and comes with a carrying case.

    However, as much as i want to give it 5 stars.... the coiled bungee-type tether is horrible. when we were experimenting with placement, it fell off a few times. When this happens the bungee turns the delta into a radical projectile. It falls in the water and springs back. At one point it flew into the passenger compartment and came inches away from my 8 yr old's head. Similar story from these types of tethers below. I took the tether off immediately and since it floats we just circle back to pick it up. If Mission recalls the tether for something strong that doesn't spring back, i'll gladly bump this to 5 stars.

  • 8/2/2016
    Mission Delta for Tige 24Ve; Awesome
    Pascal PIGATO

    My 2007 Tige24Ve with Enzo Sacs made a really good wave before, but with Regular and Goofy surfers, it was a hassle to change sides. 10 minutes+ wait behind surfers wasn't ideal.

    Was skeptical on the suction cups and would it make a difference in the wave....but it works great.

    When the box arrives, the packaging looks like the unit comes from Apple; the tote bag, the suction cup covers and the leash are nice touches. I considered making a homemade suck gate, but this thing has all the learning curve complete.

    While it's not cheap, I figure each time I use it to switch sides in 15 seconds brings the cost down. In first surf session I switch sides 4 times for different riders. While it's never a good idea to try to "cost justify" anything related to boats--this thing is worth the time savings and the wake shape improvement. Especially the times when you are the only goofy rider amidst a bunch of regulars.

  • 7/25/2016
    Wow!! Awesome!

    Just bought it for my 07 Malibu VRide and was very impressed!! It works really well, and very easy to install ! Best of all, you can keep your boat even and change the wake for gulfy or regular w/o the hassle of draining one side and filling up the other side ballasts.... Greatest buy ever!!

  • 7/22/2016
    David Irwin

    I have a 2012 Axis 22 and have been consider trading in for a boat with surf gates. As the other reviewers say, it works like magic and my wave is just as good as one with surf gates. Takes seconds to install and is tiny for easy storage when not is use. Amazing customer service at Wakemakers too!!

  • 7/22/2016
    You won't believe it until you have it
    rob flunker

    You can watch example videos of the mission delta on youtube when they put it on various boats, but you won't be able to grasp how good this product is until you see it in person. I cannot believe how much it shaped and changed my boat's wake. It is incredible! I have a 2005 Supra Launch 21v and the wake is massive as well as long so there's plenty of room to play around. Before there was such a small "sweet spot," if I wasn't dialed in perfectly on carves and spins, I would fall out the back of the wave. Now it's just endless fun! The price is the only hurdle to get over but I promise you, it will be worth it.

    Mounting tip: When you read the instructions you'll know that you have to mount it to a flat surface. On my boat, I have a groove that doesn't allow me to mount it directly at water level like they do in the videos. I could only mount mine 4 inches under water or with the device sticking about 3-4 inches above water. Mounting it above water definitely produced a better wake. Also, I put it back as far as possible. If you have a wake plate or something similar, play around with it to see what kind of wave you want. the speed that worked for us was 10.00mph.

    Lastly, we only had factory ballast and 3 people total in the boat and the wave was huge. I can't imagine what it will be when we put 10 people in the boat!

    ****No more, "Hey everyone, sit on this side of the boat please"*****

  • 7/18/2016
    saved me 100K!
    Brian McNaughton

    I have an 06 Malibu V-Ride. Was not so happy with my surf wave and was contemplating buying a new boat with Surf Gates. I decided to try the Delta, best decision ever! Great wake that I can adjust by positioning the device. Easy to use, takes about ten seconds to place it on the boat and go. Great wake!I couldn't be happier with my purchase. If you want to improve your wave, try this!

  • 7/15/2016
    It works!!!
    Kevin Petersen

    I messed with multiple fat sac configurations, with a huge list on the boat & got the wave to a point to what i thought was pretty good on my 03 Malibu VLX.

    Well after receiving my DELTA this week, i tried it last night.
    The results blew my mind! We ran 750lb sacs in the rear lockers & stock center tank filled, put a 350lb fat sac in the bow & speed at 10.5mph. It was like a whole new boat.
    The wave was full & long! Great shape & push, honestly the best wave i had ever surfed & thats from behind an old boat!
    Besides the great wake, one of the best parts was not listing the boat anymore! It just feels safer when turning in chop to pick up a rider.
    Honestly, I'm stoked!

  • 7/13/2016
    James Penner

    I have a 2008 XTI 23 (Big Direct drive Malibu). I tried several devices and added over 2000# beyond factory ballast trying to throw a big wave that was merely just acceptable. When the Delta arrived I could not believe the small size would do anything. I have never been more wrong. This thing is unbelievable. With 4-5 adults in the back, and factory ballast evenly filled the wave was huge and long. Rivals any factory surf system I have seen to date.
    Low speed handling is not compromised much. Easy to use.
    Very pleased.

  • 7/13/2016
    Long wave
    Matt Bort

    We were absolutely shocked at how long the wave is now. Always had a big wave before but the pocket was tiny. This thing made my wave longer than my surf rope, I now understand why they sell longer than 25' ropes.
    Suction cups function well, it floats but I still recommend the leash as it popped off a coupe times on my friend's boat (no fault of the device his boat has bubble decals and the hull steps down right where you want to put it, but we still got it to stay)
    Driving is much improved, can't tell that it's on there.
    Best thing is being able to switch sides quickly no more drain and fill.
    Very impressed, great investment.

  • 7/13/2016
    TIdal wave!
    Brett Engelking

    My boat (Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV) coupled with the Eight.3 ballast bags in the rear locker had an awesome surf wave before the Mission DELTA. Put the DELTA back there and it took the wave to a new level. Unbelievable how much this small device helped create a perfect wave.

    Ease of use - It is beyond simple. Position it on the side of the boat just below the waterline, close the tabs to secure the suction cups and attach the lanyard for safety. Done. I am able to switch from right to left in about 20 seconds and then we're back on the water.

    What's even better is that we tried it out on my neighbor's boat and he purchased the $8,000 surf gate system. The DELTA trumped the wave made by the surf gate. He was not happy!

    As per their direction, you do drive a little faster with the DELTA in place. My old speed was about 9.5mph to get a perfect wave. With the DELTA, I get a taller and shorter wave at 10mph and I get a ridiculously long and still tall wave at 11mph. We've had surfers 20+ feet behind the boat still with control and the ability to get back in the surf.

    Even better is that the wave is really clean and given how tall and long it is, you have lots of room to play and do tricks. Highly recommended.

  • 7/4/2016
    Good things come in small packages
    Jeremiah Johnson

    At first I was a little worried about the effectiveness of this product. It is much smaller than some of the competition. Also, i was concerned about the use of suction cups to hold this to my boat. I gave it a try as I didn't want to put velcro on the side of my boat like some other products - no thanks.

    The package this thing comes in is very well done and shows the quality and the thought used to develop this product. Definitely a premium product. It comes with a storage bag that is very well designed with storage within the bag for some of the accessories such as the leash, the suction cup protectors and the allen wrench.

    Attaching this to either side of your boat is very easy. In the guide that comes with the product gives you some guidance on how to get the most out of it and how to mount it. The suction cups definitely hold! They look like custom pieces and they hold tight! I even put them over some of my graphics and it still stayed fast. I can pop this on my boat in 5 seconds. To take it off, the suctions cups really like to stick so I found it easiest to just slide it off the back of the boat to relieve the suction.

    As for the wake - its truly amazing. I don't know how they did it but this little guy can really make a big wake. Last summer before any of these products were available, I built my own and while it worked ok and made a difference, this creates a bigger and better wake for surfing. Another great benefit is that the boat handling is barely affected. With my large home made one, it was almost impossible to turn the opposite direction as the side where the panel was mounted. Very unsafe and scary to use. I had no concerns using this and actually forgot it was there.

    It does come with a leash but I didn't use it. If you drop it in the water, don't worry - it floats! Its white so it does standout from the water and is easy to see.

    I very rarely leave reviews but this things is awesome...

  • 6/17/2016
    Awesome Upgrade!
    Paul Edelhertz

    This is a fantastic surf upgrade (on my 2012 Malibu VLX). Super easy to use/switch. Great size wake, and way more forgiving than the listed wave.

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.