MB Sports F24 Custom Surf Bag (2012-2014) (1595 lbs)

MB Sports F24 Custom Surf Bag (2012-2014) (1595 lbs)


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Size CustomFit
Ports N/A fill, 5 fill/vent - 3 drain
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # B0130
Item # 14029


MB Sports F24 Custom Surf Bag (2012-2014)


The MB Sports F24 Custom Surf Bag is designed to weight your 2012-2014 boat for wakesurfing. This surf specific bag can add up to 1595 pounds of additional weight to the port or starboard side of your boat.

The body of the MB Sports F24 Surf Sac is designed to fill the rear locker and the leg continues under the rear seats and passenger bench.

Question: How many ports are in the MB Sports F24 Custom Surf Bag?

Answer: There are six ports in the WakeMAKERS MB Sports F24 Custom Surf Bag.

ATTENTION: This ballast bag does not include any fittings. You will need to purchase the correct fittings to make the necessary connections for your application. See related products, or contact us if you need help determining the correct fittings for your application.
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