Straight Line 1" NPT x 3/4" Flow Rite Fitting

Straight Line 1" NPT x 3/4" Flow Rite Fitting


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Manufacturer Straight Line - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 2129061
Item # 33063


Perfect for integrating Straight Line ballast bags with 1" NPT ports using 3/4" Flow-Rite fittings.


If you have newer Straight Line Big Bag or Sumo ballast bags equipped with 1" NPT port and you're installing an automated ballast system, this is the fitting you want.

Connect 3/4" Flow-Rite female quick connect fittings (see recommended accessories) straight to the bag for a secure water-tight connection that is easily removed. Also available in a 1" Flow-Rite version for connection to 1" or 1-1/8" hose.

Straight Line 2129061
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  • 7/20/2017
    Must need for 2017 Axis
    Keith Shelton

    My new 2017 Axis T23 came with a 3/4" vent line in rears. I went with the Wakemaker 825# rear bags made for the Axis, it has a 1" screw in fitting on top to vent, so you will need this fitting to make that vent connection. The staff at Wakemakers was very helpful as always. This is a must have for any bag you put in an Axis rear.

  • 7/14/2015
    Solid hose connection
    Clinton Jensen

    If you plan to integrate a Sumo Sac or Straight Line Big Bag into your boat, this is the fitting to use. A quick-connect fitting (I think Straight Line calls theirs a "Link") is okay for a pump that you plug into your cigarette lighter and throw over the side of the boat. But if you are permanently plumbing a sac into your boat in an integrated system, the threaded fitting like this with a Flow-Rite quick connect clipped onto it is the way to go.

  • 4/22/2015
    You wanna talk about easy and quick?
    Nick Klapko

    Only thing quicker than these connections was the shipping. As soon as I hit the go button FedEx was knocking on my door with the part.

  • 8/4/2014
    750lb bags and fittings

    I bought bags for the rear of my Malibu. Salesman was awesome. Shipped in two days and he emailed the instructions. Easy to follow and they work great. All the hoses were precut and it all went together in less than 2 hours.