Straight Line Female LINK x 3/4" GHT Adapter

Straight Line Female LINK x 3/4" GHT Adapter

Straight Line Female LINK x 3/4" GHT Adapter


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Use a Straight Line Sumo series pump to fill and drain Fly High ballast bags.

The perfect fitting for connecting the Launch Pad Sumo pump to Fly High fittings. This fitting will adapt Launch Pad Link connectors to 3/4" NPT male thread so they can be used with Fly High's W732 twist connect fitting.

If you have a Straight Line Uber or Sumo pump that you would like to use to fill and drain Fly High bags, purchase this fittings along with the Fly High W732 (see Recommended Accessories) to use one pump for both bags.

Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Straight Line - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 2109301
Item # 33056


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  • 9/24/2015

    Use it to drain other bags

    I help my uncle drain his bags after a trip with my sumo pump, this adaptor, and the garden hose fill/drain.

    David Rossetta

  • 6/9/2014

    Does not work

    I bought this part along with the Fly W732 so I could drain and fill some extra Fly High sac's I bought used with my Super Sumo Pump. It fills just fine, but good luck draining. No amount of pressing the pump down to prime would get the pump to empty the Fly High sacs. The adapters cause the pump to sit too high atop the bag and it will not prime. My pump works great on the Sumo sacs it was designed for, but this product does not allow full functionality with Fly High sacs.



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