WakeMAKERS Universal 1" Tsunami Pump Adapter

WakeMAKERS Straight Line / Ronix X Tsunami Pump Adapter


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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # M10140
Item # M10140


This universal 1” adapter allows you to use the portable Tsunami Ballast Pump to fill/drain the bags. Compatible with WakeMAKERS, Straight Line Sumo, Straight Line Big Bag, and Eight.3 ballast bags.


If you have a Tsunami Pro X Tsunami ballast pump that you are wanting to use with your ballast bags, this is the adapter you need. This 1” adapter is compatible with all WakeMAKERS ballast bags, Straight Line Sumo bags, Straight Line Big Bags, and Eight.3 ballast bags. This is a great option for those who just picked up new ballast bags but aren’t quite ready to integrate them for automated filling/draining.

Many customers already own the Tsunami pump and want to use it with their new ballast bags rather than buying a new pump. That is why this adapter has become a very popular product among our customers as it allows for easy filling and draining of any ballast bag that uses a 1” NPT port in conjunction with the Tsunami pump.

How It Works

This adapter threads right into a 1" NPT ports on the ballast bag. You will want to put the adapter on the port that is on top of the bag for easy access while filling/draining. Once installed, it stays in place and makes it possible to connect the Tsunami pump directly using the Fly High Quick Twist adapter system.

NOTE: This adapter threads into the bag directly so you will need one adapter for each bag you want to fill/drain with the Tsunami pump.

Tsunami Portable Ballast Pump

Compatible With Pro X Tsunami Pump

This adapter is designed to make select ballast bags compatible with the Tsunami Ballast Pump. Rated at 1200GPH, this portable pump will fill/drain bags at approximately 165 lbs. per minute.

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  • 9/14/2016
    Works as needed
    Tim Saunders

    Perfect to use my Tsunami portable pump with my Ronix bag.

  • 5/26/2016
    Does what it needs to.
    Matt Merriam

    Quick and easy adapter to fill a Sumo bag with my Tsunami pump. Overpriced for what it is though, but I do see it dropped 3 bucks since I ordered mine a month ago....

  • 8/12/2015
    quick and easy to hook up
    John Wilson

    makes everything easier with my sumo sacks.

  • 6/23/2015
    Fit perfectly in the Sumo bags
    Kelly Stensrud

    Bought these for my Straightline Sumo bags, they work well with no issues

  • 5/29/2015
    works great on a Ronix bag
    Mike Varano

    Bought these for my ronix plug and play bags and they work great

  • 6/30/2014
    good plug

    Plug works well its a bit pricey but well worth the money if you want to use your old bags for a bigger wave. The thing I like most was the ease to use with the old bags and how well it fits the pump and allows the bag to fill and empty with no mess or spilled water.