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Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump

Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump



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The Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump represents the next generation of high speed, reliable and efficient reversible ballast pumps.

Johnson Pumps, a leader in the marine pump industry, designed the Ultra Ballast Pump with one singular goal in mind: to create the best reversible wakeboard ballast pump on the market.

The WakeMAKERS Johnson Pumps feature the NEW orange impeller which delivers faster fill/drain times and it's more reliable than the previous models. A built in run dry system gives you all the extra insurance you need if you ever forget to turn your pump off.

Physical Dimensions: 3.54" H x 4.72" W x 7.95" L

Self-priming: Yes

Safety Features: Ignition Protected

Warranty: 1 year

But what does "the best" mean? For Johnson, it encompasses these key ideas:

  • Durability: The pump has to last, plain and simple. Built with ball bearings, a solid bronze pump head, and built-in thermal protection.

  • Speed: The Ultra Ballast Pump out performs all other reversible pumps on the market when it comes to speed, filling and draining at over 720GPH.

  • Flexibility: The compact size of the Johnson Ultra Ballast pump opens a world of possibilities for system design and integration, without using valuable storage space.

Based on our experience with the Ultra Ballast, Johnson has certainly succeeded. Whether for use in a new automated ballast system installation or to upgrade the pumps in an existing system for faster fill and drain times, the Ultra Ballast Pump delivers.

Connect hose directly to the Johnson Ultra Ballast PumpVersatile, High Volume Connection Options The unique design of the pump head features integrated hose barbs for use with 1" hose, just slide the hose over the bronze inlet and outlet ports and secure with hose clamps. Additionally, 1/2" NPT female connections are provided for use with smaller hose (use with optional 1/2" thread to 3/4" hose barb adapter to convert to the more common 3/4" hose size), giving you a multitude of connection options. For the fastest system we recommend using 1" hose.

  • Run-Dry Protection: The integrated Run-Dry Protection circuit monitors the current draw of the pump and automatically shuts it off if conditions indicate water is no longer flowing through the pump. This innovative feature can help minimize damage to the impeller.

  • The ignition protected design makes this pump suitable for installation in the bilge compartment of the boat without risk of fire or explosion due to fuel vapors. This feature alone is crucial for safe operation, and is one important distinguishing factor between the Ballast Puppy and the Simer pump to which it is often compared.

NOTE: The direct replacement ballast impeller for the Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump is the Orange Johnson Ultra Ballast Impeller. Johnson has confirmed that the green impeller is compatible.

Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Johnson - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 10-24690-11
Item # 23001


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  • 7/27/2015

    Faster than advertised

    When considering voltage from a battery that's giving 14+ volts while the boat is running vs 12 when its sitting, and taking into account that wire length and gauge also has an effect on voltage, your mileage may vary depending on your install. But I have mine on a very short run of 12ga wire, and even pulling from a 3/4" thru hull (but still using 1" hose) one pump fills both of my 750# fly high sacs in 10 minutes flat. That's 150 gallons per minute.

    Worth every penny, especially since I don't have to throw pumps over the side anymore! Also the guys at WakeMakers know their stuff and have been very helpful. If you're unsure of what you need just give them a call and they'll guide you through the whole thing.

    Josh Mann

  • 5/30/2015

    The right choice

    I purchased the Johnson pump instead of going with my stock Jabsco pump and they work much better. They pump much faster and seem to self prime much quicker.

    Zach Kraus

  • 5/27/2015

    Fantastic pumps

    Self prime no problem and has been working flawlessly. great product.....will buy again.

    Travis Pastachak

  • 5/2/2015

    Guys were helpful. Good Product.

    The guys at Wakemakers were helpful. Took the time to help me replace my old system and happy with system. Only thing didn't realize was need to order the reverse polarity switch which is hard to find. Delayed me 1 week


  • 8/4/2014

    Perfect pump

    Opened up the package and installed the pump, went out on the lake and worked PERFECT. our 350lbs bags filled in about 3 minutes, very fast pump. When we were done the pump unfilled the bag just as fast! Amazing pump.


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