Fly High Pro X Series V-Drive Sacs Set (800 lbs)

Fly High Pro X Series V-Drive Sacs Set (800 lbs)


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Size 42"L x 16"W x 16"H
Weight 400 each / 800 total lbs.
Ports N/A fill, 2 fill/vent - 1 drain
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Fly High - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # W701
Item # 11001


Sold in a set of two bags, the Pro X Series V-Drive Sacs work well in the rear lockers of v-drive boats, or split up with one bag in the front of the boat and one in the rear of the boat.


The Fly High Pro X Series V-Drive Sacs are sold as a set and are designed to fit in the compartments on either side of the engine in v-drive boats. The vdrive sacs are perfect for building massive wakeboarding and wakesurfing wakes. They are the same height and width, but shorter in length than the Fly High Fat Sac, which makes them a perfect fit in the smaller lockers of v-drive boats.

A pair of v-drive sacs also works great on either side of the engine in a direct drive boat for a great wakeboard wake, or put one on the side of the engine, and one between the engine and rear seat for a perfectly surfable wave.

Fly High FATSAC Updated Look

New Look, Same Original FATSAC

The same ballast bag you’ve grown to count on but an updated, much improved look. The all-new FATSAC looks good and performs great. A new feature is the additional 4th port at the bottom for added versatility.

Fly High Pro X Tsunami Pump

Fly High Pro X Tsunami Pump

Using the Fly High Pro X Tsunami Pump, your Fly High FATSAC ballast bags will fill/drain at a whopping 1200 GPH. That is over 165 lbs. per minute! Spend less time waiting and more time riding thanks to this pump.

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  • 10/6/2015
    2003 Supra SSV Launch
    Gerard Coriz

    Both bags fit great in my 2003 Supra Launch SSV! I had to order a few fittings to get them to work with my set-up. They replaced my old 150lb fat sacs. Huge difference, strong construction and empties down to almost nothing. They make a great wave for surfing! I'm excited to get out again. Great product! Ordering the 370lb, for the front. Thanks wake makers!

  • 8/19/2015
    2004 Air Nautique TE
    scott haas

    I think the actual fat sacs are great quality. I did have a issue with the threads on one of the sacs. The Wakemaker support guy saved the day by recommending that i leave the bag in the sun to soften up the thread and trying screwing in the plug cap. It worked like a charm, didn't have to return the sac.

  • 7/7/2015
    2003 Mastercraft X2
    Nathan Woody

    I replaced my factory hard tanks (around 250 each)with the 400 lb V drive sacs and could not be happier.
    It gave me more storage room when the sacs were empty and improved my wake greatly with the addition of the IBS. Never had a problem with leaks and the quick connects are great. I can disconnect one side and add it to the other for a great surf wake.

  • 1/8/2015
    Wakesurfing Ballast
    Adam Myers

    These are good supplemental ballast bags in conjunction with the 750 we run in the port locker. Since they're on the seats and exposed, I thought the black looked better, which thankfully doesn't get too hot in the sun (or at least we haven't noticed that yet). Air purge valves are helpful!

  • 1/1/2015
    2003 wakesetter
    Gerard Cassista

    Just got the sacs for Christmas. They look tuff and strong connections for the pump. The stock ballasts are not enough and this should make a big difference. The people at Wakemakers were great to deal with and a very big help picking the right products.

  • 7/29/2014
    bow ballast bags

    I use these as bow bags in my 24 MXZ. I tether then to the side grab rails to keep them from rolling around. Made huge difference in the wave.

  • 7/26/2014
    Great Upgrade

    I used these along with the quick disconnects as plug and play in my 13 Malibu VTX. Huge difference over stock and made the wave much more ride-able on each side. Good quality materials and construction. I'm going to get a second set to get the bow down and hone in the wave even more.

  • 7/21/2014
    Excellent Value

    The sacs are very heavily built and take their correct form when filled, quick connect makes filling and emptying easy. Big wake improvement for a reasonable price!

  • 9/1/2012
    Perfect Fit in Supra 22SSV

    The V-Drive Sac Set is a perfect fit in my 2003 Supra 22SSV. The quality and construction is far better than the original system. Original bags were leaking. I should have purchased Qwik Lok to sac thread fittings, as the bags seem to use a unique thread. Original garden hose thread fittings on the boat's automatic ballast system sort-of thread into the bag, but do not seal. I had to remove the forward panel in the right compartment to let the bag fit. This is a nice upgrade. The bags a are about twice the volume of the original system.

  • 8/11/2011
    Achieved a much improved wake for Surfing, Wakeboarding, and Sky Skiing

    My boat is a '96 Mastercraft Maristar 225. When weighted it's wake rivals the new high dollar wake boats. I regularly recruited all the large people "fat sacks" we could to build an awesome wake. Now with a set of Fly High Pro X Series V-Drive Sacs (one either side of the engine) and a Fly High Pro X Series Fat Brick
    in the bow we are able to get that amazing wake even when we only have three in the boat.

  • 5/9/2011
    great product

    great product, fits perfectly in my boat just like you told me. only drawback is that there is no check valve, it has to be ordered separately.

  • 9/22/2010
    Noticeable Wake Improvement

    We have a 2007 Centurion Lightning. We added these to our arsenal of ballast and the improvement is definitely noticeable. Not only for the Wakeboarders but also for the Wakesurfers. We no longer hear that our Wake sucks. It was also a little easier to attract those spotters into our boat. Our Son-in-law is getting so much more air now he actually cracked his board on a landing. OH well. Yeah he got a new board and went right back at it. :-) For surfing the wake wave is higher and longer with a lot more area to throw down some tricks. Just pure fun.

  • 5/25/2010
    Stopped some of the complaints

    We have had a '92 Ski Nautique for about 17 years and since my kids were born. They ride behind friends X-stars etc.. and always complain about our wake. Since I love my boat and don't want to give up my ski wake I thought I would try a couple of these to stop some of the whining. With both filled on either side of the engine compartment the wake is noticably larger and has a steeper ramp. My son easily cleared both wakes on his first try. Before he had to try a little harder. The sacs are well constructed and with the pump we can switch back and forth between skiing and boarding pretty quick.

  • 5/25/2010
    fattest sacs around!!!!

    I got these to throw in my walkway of my 01 SAN if there are only a couple of us riding. I throw one in the walkway in the nose and one sideways in front of the back seat. They are super durable and hold their shape. These on top of my 3000lb ballast system make for a good time!!!

  • 1/27/2010
    Versitile sacs are great!

    Put a pair of these under the open bow of my 87 SunSport DD! Very nice setup if you have a large open bow Direct Drive like me. Both sacs are hidden and I still have lots of bow space. With these sacs I can sink the bow for a big wakeboard wake, or I can leave one side full and the other sac empty to create a finely tuned surf wave. Highly recommended over other brands, much higher quality and lots of fittings. Here are my pics:

  • 6/10/2009
    best sacs ever

    For the price you can’t beat these two sacs. They transformed the wake on my boat so much I didn’t know what to do. They will fit in any v-drive locker but I actually use them in a Tige 22i that has side compartments and they work great. We stack them on one side for surfing but if you have a V-drive I would defiantly buy two of the original Fat sacs that hold 750+.