Fly High Pro X Series Side Sac Set (520 lbs)

Fly High Pro X Series Side Sac Set (520 lbs)


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Size 48"L x 12"W x 12"H
Weight 260 each / 520 total lbs.
Ports N/A fill, 2 fill/vent - 1 drain
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Fly High - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # W703
Item # 11003


Great value makes this pair of compact ballast bags a great choice for additional weight in compact compartments.


The Fly High Pro X Series Side Sacs fit along the side of the engine compartment on direct drive inboard boats but will also fit under the seats and in compact storage compartments in many boats making them ideal for stashing weight where it will be hidden.

One of the more versatile wakeboard ballast bag sizes from Fly High, the Side Sac Set can be used in multiple locations throughout the boat to add additional ballast where it's needed, and since they're sold as a pair, you get a great value.

The narrow profile of the side sacs also make for a more compact fit than a 400lb. V-Drive Surf Sac or the 750lb. Fat Sac making them a perfect anywhere space is tight.

Fly High Fat Sac Updated Look

New Look, Same Original Fat Sac

The same ballast bag you’ve grown to count on but an updated, much improved look. The all-new Fat Sac looks good and performs great. A new feature is the additional 4th port at the bottom for added versatility.

Fly High Pro X Series wakeboard ballast bags were the first products designed from the ground up to be used in a wakeboard boat. Starting with a blank canvas, Fly High was able to rethink nearly every aspect of wakeboard ballast bag constructions and functionality. Gone are the day of two part construction, leaky waterbed connections, and fittings that are difficult to connect. By building their wakeboard ballast bags from a single layer of durable yet flexible vinyl, the same material that is used to build white water rafts, Fly High is able to offer unmatched strength and durability in an easy to use package.

Additionally, Fly High Pro X Series ballast bags feature multiple threaded ports that are built into the construction of the bag. Unlike the blue waterbed connections use on other brands, these strong ports feature durable threads and can be used with Fly High’s options fittings for compatibility with nearly any wakeboard ballast system you can imagine. Step up to the Fly High Pro X Series wakeboard ballast bags and experience the most convenient, durable and highest performing ballast bags on the market.

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  • 9/15/2014
    Perfect ballast supplement

    I have a 2002 Mastercraft X-Star with the stock hard tanks in the back (300lb/ea) and upgraded ski locker sack (400lb) on switches. We bought two sets of these sacks to keep full 100% of the time in the boat. We put two in the back and they stay full with hose water for the entire summer. We have two more that we use for the bow depending on how many people are on the boat. If no one we use two up there and if we have 4-5 folks we just use one, which fits perfectly in the walkway of the bow (when using two we stack them). THE WAKE IS PERFECT with this setup, stock ballast completely full and four people. As we add people to the boat we empty ballast and therefore don't have to worry about getting fat-sack water in the boat. This should work on any 205V X-Star, X1, X2.

    Side note - I gave four stars on quality based on the fact that the connection ports for these types of sacks aren't perfect. When filling it doesn't take much to accidentally knock the hose off and get water squirting from both the sack and the fill device. Just have to be careful.

  • 5/4/2014
    Just right

    Just what I was looking for,added extra weight and did not loose all my storage.

  • 7/18/2011
    Great ballast!

    I have placed one in each rear locker of our Nautique 216V. It really augments the factory ballast in wake boarding nicely and we can then pull one out to place in the bow for surfing. Excellent quality materials and the red looks great!

  • 7/14/2011
    not quite enough for me...

    While the quality of these bags are top notch, they just aren't big enough for surfing in my 22' V-drive. If you have a smaller boat, i'd buy them in a heartbeat, but I'd look for something bigger if you can fit it.