Fly High Pro X Series Jumbo V-Drive Surf Sac (1100 lbs)

Fly High Pro X Series Jumbo V-Drive Surf Sac (1100 lbs)


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Size 50"L x 24"W x 24"H
Weight 1100 lbs.
Ports N/A fill, 2 fill/vent - 1 drain
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Fly High - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # W719
Item # 11019


As the largest off-the-shelf ballast bag Fly High offers, the Pro X Series Jumbo V-Drive Surf Sac offers a massive 1,100 pounds of capacity.


If you're looking for the ultimate ballast bag to set your boat up for wakesurfing then look no further, Fly High has answered the call to produce a monster bag that will completely fill the rear compartment of most v-drive boats. We had these exact bags custom made for our customers and they were so impressed with the wake that we suggested Fly High add them to their standard product line up.

Ideal in v-drives longer than 23 feet, these bags will work well anywhere you have the right amount of space for them, including smaller v-drives with tall compartments, and even direct drive boats. The inset fill ports on the top make it easy to access the connections, even when the bag is full in the compartment. Because the Jumbo V-Drive Wakesurf Sac uses Fly High's standard connectors, this bag can be a direct replacement for the factory bags in 2009+ Supra and Moomba boats.

Put 1,100lbs. of wake building ballast in your boat with a single ballast bag using the Fly High Pro X Series Jumbo V-Drive Surf Sac!

Fly High FATSAC Updated Look

New Look, Same Original FATSAC

The same ballast bag you’ve grown to count on but an updated, much improved look. The all-new FATSAC looks good and performs great. A new feature is the additional 4th port at the bottom for added versatility.

Fly High Pro X Tsunami Pump

Fly High Pro X Tsunami Pump

Using the Fly High Pro X Tsunami Pump, your Fly High FATSAC ballast bags will fill/drain at a whopping 1200 GPH. That is over 165 lbs. per minute! Spend less time waiting and more time riding thanks to this pump.

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  • 9/22/2016
    2004 Malibu 23 LSV
    John Morris

    Had Ronix 8.3 800lb sacks with the WakeMakers TankBuster kit. Replaced the 8.3 sacks with these. These are a perfect fit and totally fill the lockers. The additional weight added a ton of push to my surf wake. Save yourself some cash and go big the first time.

  • 9/6/2016
    2004 Malibu wakesetter vlx
    Steve Fryman

    Fit well, made a great surf.
    Plumbed in with wakemakers hardware fit. Much better wave than factory.

  • 7/24/2016
    2014 Supra SC
    Kevin Hunt

    Great improvement in power and length on the surf wave! It's what my SC350 needed, also upgraded the prop to the 2079 to help out the motor! Old bags were 450's, no Bueno...these fit great and a lot cheaper over a custom sac. Just make sure you order the right fittings if tying into a factory system, my old ones were a bear to get out, epoxied when installed and he-man tight! My wife got em' out for me though!

  • 6/11/2015
    Does the job
    Chris Vogt

    2004 Centurion Elite V maximizes the rear lockers no question. Full to the brim. Location of ports are perfect

  • 5/20/2015
    Awesome sac for surfing
    Carlos Tavares

    I bought this bag along with Wakemakers Premium Reversible Pump Ballast System. I was using two 550 lb sacs stacked in the rear locker filling them with a Tsunami pump. Replaced those two sacs with this one not only to work with the ballast system and save me time, but also so that it can conform to the locker better than the two bags could. 2006 Sanger V215

  • 1/2/2015
    Great bag
    Aaron Ramsdell

    Bag fits great in my 2012 moomba lsv ordered two for the back compartments.

  • 9/30/2014
    Big rear locker bag

    Well, what more is there to say? It's the big 1100 bag for the rear locker. it's the go to bag for my boat. Flyhigh bags work great and have a solid reputation.

  • 9/2/2014
    Works great - Well made

    The bag is perfect. Gets a lot of weight in the rear of the boat. Makes the wave great.

  • 7/11/2014
    If you have the space an you want to surf you HAVE to have this!

    Took the mojo's surf wave to the next level. Durable, long lasting, a must have for anyone looking to maximize their wake. Color optoins are a great touch. Love the blue!

  • 7/11/2014
    Put's the weight, you need it most!

    I finally achieved full "surfage" (no rope required), with the use of the Jumbo V-Drive Surf Sac! It completely filled either the left or right rear locker of my 2006 Sanger V215. It put the weight right where I needed it most. A must have ballast bag, for boats needing the weight in the rear locker.

  • 8/21/2013
    monster wave a must have

    major wave difference when I upgraded to this bag I have a 2006 supra launch 24 SSV it was so awesome I bought another one for the other side right a way. I would say it is a must have upgrade plus they don't go under the back seats so you gain back that storage.

  • 6/26/2012
    Very Helpful

    Looking at purchasing for an 2004 Air Nautique. The upgrade is a great recommendation. I didn't know about it until reading here.

  • 6/17/2012
    Reliable, functional, durable....does what it is suppose to!

    I've been using one of these in my 2000 Malibu Wakesetter V drive for 3 years. No leaks, very durable, works great. Remember the bag takes the size of the locker space if the bag is larger than the locker space. So, go with a big bag and let it form to the space and just put less water in it if you want less weight. This bag makes a huge wave behind my boat allowing folks weighing 250+ pounds to go ropeless while surfing. One of the few maintaince free, well performing durable products for your boat. I suggest if you place multiple bags in your boat you get them in different colors to quickly allow your passengers to know what bag goes where!

  • 8/22/2011
    great way to more weight

    makes a big difference when you can put a ton of weight in the one corner

  • 8/8/2011
    The bigger the better!!!

    I own 4 -750 lbs fat sac's, but after seeing they made an 1100 lbs one I knew I had to get one. The extra 350 lbs in the back locker sure makes a difference!!!

  • 7/8/2011
    most weight for your money

    i bought this bag because of the weight. it was way cheaper than buyinga bunch of smaller ones. i also have a 2004 avalanche with a walk through on the goofy side. being a goofy rider its very difficult to weigh down that back corner, so i bought this bag and it fills the walk way completely and then some. my wake is definately looking bigger and would recommend this to anyone,especially the ones with the walk way problem.

  • 5/25/2011
    sounds great

    i know people with this sac, definatly best deal for the weight

  • 12/20/2010
    Excellent product for adding some weight to the boat to go wakesurfing

    So I have been using this bag to add some additional weight to my x15 and I really helps to load up the boat and make that wake as big as you need it.

    The other boats around you will hate you because the waves you make will be over the top. But that is the best part of wake surfing.

  • 10/2/2010
    Rock Solid Quality
    MC X2

    Four years on these bags and they still look and work like new. Highly recommend to anyone looking to add ballast to their boat.

  • 5/2/2010
    Works great, high quality, appears durable, no issues at all.

    Works great, high quality, appears durable, no issues at all. Fits my 2000 Malibu Wakesetter locker next to the engine well.