WakeMAKERS Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump

WakeMAKERS Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump
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WakeMAKERS Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump



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Plain and simple, this is the best portable wakeboard ballast pump for filling and draining Fly High ballast bags.

The Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump is designed to fill Fly High Fat Sacs faster with a hose that will not kink. The true 1-1/8" hose is reinforced to eliminate kinking when hanging over the side of the boat. Anyone that's used a Fly High Tsunami Pump can attest to the way their clear hose collapses during use especially when it is hot outside. As the diameter of the hose is restricted the flow of water is slowed and it takes more time to fill and drain ballast bags. Elevate has fixed this issue, which means you get the true rated capacity of the pump.

Elevate designed the pump to be compatible with the Fly High Quick Connect Fitting system that come standard on most Pro X Series Ballast Bags and Fat Sacs. The pump has a new and improved design and it is comparable in price to the Fly High Tsunami Pump. Time is money, and the Elevate Tsunami Pump will help you spend more time behind the boat wakesurfing and wakeboarding and less time trying to un-kink your hose.

Hose Length: 10 feet

Wire Length: 12 feet

How it Works The Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump is durable, dependable, and fast with a 1-1/8" non-kink hose. To fill your Fly High Ballast Bags, simply connect the hose to the Quick Twist Adapter on the bag you need to fill. Drop the pump end into the water, and plug the cigarette lighter adapter into the 12v accessory plug (usually by the drivers seat).

To drain your ballast bags, reverse the connection of the pump and secure the pump body directly to the bag. Place the end of the hose over the side of your boat and plug the adapter once you are ready to begin draining.

Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # M10201
Item # 21006


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  • 9/16/2016

    Latest version is even better

    Bought one several years back, and the hose eventually split where it attaches to the pump neck. The new one has been improved, and the hose has reinforcing at the connectors.

    Eric Seiber

  • 8/26/2015

    Strong pump

    Fills the 1000 lb bag I have very quickly. Great pump.

    Warren Stapel

  • 8/19/2015

    Top of the line pump!

    Excellent pump with lengthy super rigid hose that will not link in the summer Texas heat. Fills and empties super fast. Would like to upgrade the hose on my other pump now.

    Steve Robertson

  • 8/10/2015

    Excellent Pump

    I use this to fill and drain a 400lb fat sac. Fills and drains the bag in less than 5 minutes. Perfect for saving time while waiting on my plug and play system to fill. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

    Nate Rockers

  • 7/20/2015

    Awesome pump

    Great pump for the money.fills and empties sacs QUICK. Quality material great product for out on the lake!

    Brian Ogilvie

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