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We Have a Special Offer For Tigé Wakeboard Boat Owners!

width="600" Fly High called us the other day to ask if we would be interested in buying some custom bags they had made that a customer had decided not to use. We said sure, why not, send them our way. Imagine our surprise when the box arrived tucked in among one of our shipments, and we opened it to find these custom made Tige bow ballast bags. When they said their customer wasn't interested it never crossed our mind that their customer might be the company that built your boat! So if you've got a Tige Z1 these custom bow bags are perfect for you. If you've got another boat with an open bow, then chances are they're perfect for you too, especially if you're into surfing. Having a single custom bag made to these dimensions would easily cost $400 due to the shape, but since we got them for a deal we're passing the savings on to you.

width="480"Buy This Custom Wakeboard Ballast Bag»

Add two of these bags to the bow of your boat and you'll have a fully integrated setup that excels for surfing, is great for wakeboarding, and won't break the bank. Plus, you'll still have your center storage area available for your anchor. Shop For Tige Wakeboard Ballast Bags»

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