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WaveControl Named To Boating Industry's 2016 Top Products

WaveControl Aims to Bring The Ultimate Wakesurf Experience to Every Inboard Boat

The WaveControl Aftermarket Wakesurf System has been named to Boating Industry’s 2016 Top Products list.

Recognized along with 50 other products as the top new marine products for 2016, the honorees were selected for their innovation, impact on the industry, creativity, and more. The 2016 Top Products list is featured in Boating Industry's May issue.

WaveControl is the first aftermarket retrofittable, automatic wakesurf system on the market and can be installed on nearly any inboard (direct drive or v-drive) boat to help create that perfect wave every time. Gain the convenience of evenly weighting your boat and instantly changing the surf side with the push of a button. WaveControl does not take the place of ballast but will increase the wave's total length while allowing you to fine tune the shape of the wake.

“WaveControl is a product that we have wanted to bring to the market for a few years, so we are thrilled to receive this commendation. One of the benefits of having such enthusiastic customers is hearing what they want in terms of products, and this product is one that we have been hearing about for a while” said Jason Craveiro, Founder of WakeMAKERS. “Surfing is obviously a huge growth factor in the industry right now, so being able to continue our tradition of innovating and offering solutions that help people have more fun behind their boat is very meaningful. Our entire team has put a lot of effort into making sure this is a product that exceeds our customers expectations from the very first time they use it” Jason adds.


So what is all this hype about? Why does your boat need the WaveControl? Read below and find out.

Evenly Weight Your Boat

WaveControl is designed to work with an evenly weighted boat. You can now fill all your ballast (more weight = bigger wake) rather than just weighting one side of your boat. An evenly weighted boat is also safer for passengers, giving the driver better handling and control. No longer do you need to drain and re-fill on the other side when you want to switch sides.

Convenient Side-To-Side-Transfers

Spend less time messing with your ballast and more time surfing with WaveControl. With the push of a button on the WaveTuner or rider controlled remote, you can transfer the waves momentum from one side to the next in under 3 seconds.

Precision Wave Tuning

PWT (Precision Wave Tuning) makes it simple and easy to build that perfectly shaped wave right from the dash. Use the intuitive interface to adjust the tab position and watch the size and shape of the wave instantly change.

Wave Tuner Control

The faceplate with a three button design reduces interface complexity for the best user experience. LED lit switches will provide critical information about what side the system is serving. Precision Wave Tuning will dramatically change the shape through the potentiometer knob in the center.

Read the full press release or learn more more about the WaveControl Aftermarket Surf System.

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