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Wakesurf Systems Product Category Now Live!

Experience a Wakesurf System on your boat

WakeMAKERS has long been committed to offering the best possible wake performance behind your boat. With the rising popularly of surfing that meant leading the way in ballast knowledge and product offering. With the launch of our new Wakesurf Systems product category we excited to now be able to offer an unbeatable combination of ballast and surf devices, giving boat owners looking for the best possible performance the easiest path to getting there.


Why Do you Want a Surf Device

This is a common question for watersports enthusiasts that haven't experience the performance and convenience of a dedicated surf system yet. With a mechanical surf device the boat is weighted evenly from side-to-side, and the bias is generated by the surf system to achieve the perfect wave on whichever side you want to ride on.

The days of placing weight on one side of the boat, and switching back and forth between goofy and regular foot riders are over. Now you can have the perfect wake on each side instantly.


Just the Beginning

The first two aftermarket surf systems from Ronix and WakeMAKERS have been announced, and more will be coming soon. This is just the beginning, but the future is available now no matter which boat you have.

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