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Back PiggyBack System Voluntary Upgrade

We are continually refining our products in order to offer the best wakeboard ballast solutions available. As a result, we have issued an update to our PiggyBack OEM ballast integration system. We are offering this improvement as a free upgrade to existing customers experiencing issues with their current PiggyBack Systems. What This Means For You? We have updated our PiggyBack integration to improve compatibility with some Malibu models. If you purchased a system on or before May 20, 2009 and you are currently experiencing performance issues, you are eligible for a free upgrade. If your system is performing correctly, there is no need to upgrade! What You Need To Do? Email us with your original order number (can be obtained by logging into your account on our site if you no longer have the confirmation email or packing slip), along with the address you would like the updated PiggyBack parts and instructions delivered to. We will process your upgrade, and notify you when your new kit has shipped. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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