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WakeMAKERS Unveils Wakesurf Board Finder Tool

WakeMAKERS Debuts All-New Wakesurf Board Finder currently features 50 wakesurf boards. Finding the right one for you can be a difficult process.

Our goal at WakeMAKERS is to make sure you have more fun on the water. Riding a board that fits your riding style and wake is a huge factor in enjoying your day out on the water. The Wakesurf Board Finder was designed to make it quick, easy, and simple for you to find the board that best suits you. Finding your next board has never been easier.


Check out the Wakesurf Board Finder demo video below


Step 1: Choose Your Board Style

Skim Style: A skateboard on the water, skim style boards are playful and slippery on the water, ideal for surface spins.

Surf Style: These boards have a stable rail and generate speed when edging, perfect for cut backs and big carves.

Hybrid Style: These boards combine the carving of a surf style board with the slippery feeling and spin happy style of a skim board.


Step 2: Choose Your Board Construction

Good: Designs shared with high-end boards with materials and construction that focus on durability make these boards a great choice to get you on the water.

Better: The perfect balance of durability and performance, these boards are focused on a great experience for the rider without breaking the bank.

The Best: No expense is spared in the design and construction of these boards to offer the highest possible performance behind the boat.


Step 3: Choose Your Wave Size

Small Wave: A small wave has a short pocket located directly off the swim platform. This is generally just the factory ballast or very little ballast and no surf device.

Medium Wave: A medium wave has a moderately long pocket extending behind the swim platform. This is generally a boat with factory ballast and a surf device.

Large Wave: A long pocket with push way back behind the boat defines a larger wave. This is generally a boat with a lot of additional ballast and a surf device.

Try Out The Wakesurf Board Finder

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